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  1. Please delete my pictures for #3 & #4 Looking at the indicia,they are issues #6 & 7 witch I sumbmitted instead
  2. The issue #1 needs to be removed. Zenescope uses 1-A, 1-B, 1-C You have the "C" Cover listed as the Live stream cover when that is actually the "E" cover
  3. The Grimm Universe Presents issue 2021 cover A thru D is really Belle Headless Horseman cover D thru E, Diamond comics has them listed as Grimm Universe retailer program I have submitted the correct info
  4. Issue #5 & 6 never came out from Diamond comics. #5 is Tom H newest Kick-starter book that just shipped. you need to remove the #6, I will submit the info for the #5 that I just received
  5. As I was going thru my "Stranded items" list I came across that I had a Angela (Vol. 2) series that you did not, so I pulled the box that I had the books in and found the books. Vol 2 is a 16 page story that you have listed as Angela #1/A & 1/B when it should be its own title. I will also submit this through the Submit correction/new data options so you have the creator credit info. i1st cover appearance of Cut Throat, the pirate Spawn Variant cover art by Brad Gorby (1:25) 16-page retailer incentive delivered with orders of Spawn #32 (1995)
  6. The correct cover to Variant I is this one the one you have is for the CP1-I
  7. There are a few covers that when you download new covers do not match the Comic Avenue covers below are the correct covers based on the Notes 1-B Premiere Cover 1-H Hidden Gem 1-Z Secret Variant (not listed) Cover showed up as Hidden Gem
  8. You have Cover I the same as cover J Here is I
  9. This is the cover for the 1.1/A (Monsters Unleashed). Covers 1.1/B, 1.1/C, 1.1/D & 1.1/D-2 are actually #1 variants for Golden Apple, Unknown Comics (A& B), & Legacy cover B
  10. You have Cover 4-I & 4-K as the Virgin covers (Q & R) Correct Pictures for I & K Below
  11. Cover H is really Cover D, Zenescope did not do a Cover H (Yet)
  12. Both titles are the same book BG&H has a picture for 1-B BG&H OS has a picture for 1-A
  13. DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys & DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special are the same book one should be removed
  14. The first cover is Variant Cover by Staz Johnson UPC 75960609607700131 2nd cover is the Hidden Gem Variant Cover by George Perez 75960609607700121 you have the covers switched around
  15. you have the J Scott Campbell cover as A it should be the Romita Cover first picture is Romita 2nd is Campbell
  16. Adventures of Jell-O Man and Wobbly & Jell-O Man and Wobbly are the same book Jell-O Man and Wobbly should be removed
  17. When I update Comicbase 2021 (build 1516) my collection history graph only show the date that I update not any history
  18. Issue 2C & 2D have the same cover Issue 3D & 3E have the same cover also Below are both the cover D's
  19. Hello X-Men(5th Series) Issue 12 Variant "B" through Variant "O" are actually Uncanny X-men (5th Series) #12 Variant "B" through "H" X-men #12 I through O are just sighed versions of B through H I sent bar codes for B to H through the submit info button
  20. You have the cover for the retail version same as the Walmart version. Here is the retail cover (the logo is an an angle)
  21. You have either the wrong picture or the wrong store info for the 19th printing You have the picture of the Granite City Comics variant with the Midtown comics description. I did create and submit 1-X-44 as the granite city listing (with bar code) because I don't know which is easier changing the description or the picture Tim Granite City Comics
  22. Savage Eve #3 the cover artists are not correct and 3-C & 3-E have the same cover. They should be: 3-A Joel Gomez 3-B Collette Turner 3-C Philip Tan 3-D Joel Adams, Neal Adams 3-E Mike DeBalfo Below is the Mike DeBalfo cover
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