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  1. Well, I uninstalled everything CB-related, restarted my computer, and reinstalled. No luck. That's all right! The database works, which is the main thing, and Windows Photo screen saver scrolls through the covers just fine. Considering this is me and technology, that's basically a win!
  2. Thanks, Pete. I do have the Archive Edition. Unfortunately, the cover gallery is not in that drop down menu for me. I guess I'll try reinstalling. Probably some stupid goof with still having had the old cover gallery installed at the time. I'll post an update after I've had the chance to retry it.
  3. While many others seem to be having the more serious issue of not being able to install or startup the new CB, I, as always, have a much more trivial issue. I can't find the screen saver. I looked in the screen saver drop down menu in Settings, and I don't see it. I tried to search for it in the Program Files or in the settings in CB, but no luck. Maybe the fact that I still had the old cover gallery installed at the time led to some confusion in my elderly computer's fuzzy processors. Whatever the cause, I'm sure the answer lies in one of the two usual places: I'm overlooking someth
  4. The cover for issue #3 somehow made its way into the slot for issue #2 in the database, and issue #3 had no cover image. I corrected and submitted, though I'm not sure my corrected cover for issue #2 went through. The problem might have stemmed from the fact that, at least on my copies, the UPC codes for both issues are exactly the same. Anyway, if the correct #2 cover didn't make it to you, let me know, and I'll send again.
  5. I had still been using the old CB Cover Gallery screen saver through the Win10 update with no issues. My problem occurred with the update to CB2020, for some reason. It would only throw an error message after that, so I switched my screen saver to the Slideshow option Windows has and selected the covers folder as the one to use.
  6. After much delay, yes, the new build seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks again!
  7. The last few weeks when Sidekick has attempted to backup my database to the cloud, I've received a web client exception error. I checked my account online, and I appear to have no backups saved there at all, which is weird because it's always been set to do it weekly, even before I was getting errors. I did uninstall and reinstall after the first time or two, but it's still going on. Any other suggestions to try? Thanks.
  8. I know there were some issues with the report updater a month ago, and there were a backlog of reports. Is this still an issue? I generated a couple reports last Friday/Saturday, and they have yet to appear in my account on the website or on the app. Thanks!
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