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  • Choosing Which Columns You See in the Grid View

    Peter R. Bickford

    ComicBase tracks a lot of information about each of your issues, which in the past could make the grid display a little overwhelming at times. Luckily, in ComicBase 2020, you can customize which fields appear in your grid view, letting you choose just the fields that are of interest to you (and hide ones that aren't). What's more, you can reorder the columns to make them more useful to you and make your data entry easier.

    For example, let's say that tracking the Street Date of a comic is important to you. You can show this field (and move it to an easy place to see) as follows:

    - Select the Setup menu's Columns to View command from the main window:


    This will bring up the Columns to View Dialog, which looks something like this. You can choose from presets tailored to basic viewing, custom fields, or data entry--or just choose the particular fields you want and rearrange them in the order that you like.

    To see Street Date, scroll down to where is in the list of available fields, then click the "Visible" check box to show it in your grid.


    Once it's marked as Visible, you can click the Street Price field and use the dialog's Move Up and Move Down buttons to position it where you want it--say, right after your Notes field. As soon as you close the dialog, you'll see it appear wherever you positioned it:



    Tip: You can also change the columns' various widths by just dragging the divider line between the column headers. Your positions will "stick" and be used for that media type (books, comics, or magazines) the next time you use the program.

    Edited by Peter R. Bickford

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