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    Duplicating an issue

    Mark J. Castaneda

    A popular question we get every now and then is "What if i have more than 1 copy of an issue but at a different condition...how do I catalog it?"

    1) Start by fully highlighting the issue (just click on the left most column of the issue line).

    2) Next you Duplicate it. There are 3 ways to do this:

    -Go the Edit menu, click on the 'Duplicate' option

    -right-click with your mouse then select 'Duplicate'

    -the keyboard shortcut combination of Ctrl+D


    The issue detail window will then pop up where you can adjust the condition (and/or any other data point). Hit 'Save' and it'll be listed as a new issue listing but with a different condition.dupped.jpg.4677485bbff275e5e2e0e70f9020a39a.jpg


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