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  1. Will do and I think you're right. The number in the Program is different than the one on my Registration page. Vaguely similar in parts, wildly different in others.
  2. Added Sidekick manually (I use the built-in firewall in Windows). Also removed the CB 2021, 2022 and 2017 programs from the firewall list. Also uninstalled all previous versions of CB. Older Sidekicks were not there. Rebooted. Still cannot reach the ComicBase servers, though I reached this forum through ComicBase. When I try to update the content, I get this message. Never had connection problems with updates before..
  3. Updated to 2023 from the 2022 program and it's been registered, according to my registration page. But I cannot access the updated page, getting a warning to check my Internet settings, and Sidekick gives me the same message. I'm running Win10, current version.
  4. Thanks, guys! Just downloaded build 1441 and the window is working fine now.
  5. Mark Castaneda: This is the recommended resolution (I assume it's the highest possible with this graphics card). I did change it to 1024x7678 (the next lowest) and there was no difference. But as Dylan Colborne says, it is functional to a point. I can scan a barcode but do not see the number in the box, However I get an image (usually the publisher's logo) in the far right box with the comic title and issue number below that. I get nothing in the grid box. However, when I hit Save, it adds the books to the database.
  6. Yes to the first two questions, resolution is 1366x768 (it's a laptop). This is the only window I've found that does this.
  7. Got a weird one here that no one in the community has posed: the display of the Add by Barcode window comes up fragmented and will not work. I've attached a screenshot to show you what I mean. The scanner works fine -- I can use it to find a book already in the database and it scans the number correctly into Notepad -- but will not scan it into the barcode window in Add by Barcode. I've run the file tools Optimize Database and Reset Preferences, both nada. The window came up correctly when I used it last week and I had just updated the database before trying Add by Barcode, but I don't think a database update would affect a specific window. I'm running the current version of Windows 10 (21H2). Only other thing I figured to do is reinstall it, but haven't done that. Any ideas?
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