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  1. Just installed and tested. It's working now, with only one small issue (which may or may not have been an existing issue): The most recent item on the list is automatically selected after scanning, but the "Remove" button is greyed out for that item (even if you've only scanned 1 item so far), until you explicitly click on the empty grey column on the left of the issue. Minor nitpick I think, but when doing batches, quickly being able to remove the last scan if there's an issue SEEMS like it was functional at some point in the past, and would definitely be nice if it was again. Regardless, the barcode scanning IS now functioning! Thanks for the quick followup!
  2. Hi all, I'm on the latest available and also still having this issue - ComicBase 2022 4K Archive Edition v22.0.0 (Build 1490) I can perform a Find -> by Item Field -> UPC - use my barcode scanner to scan a book, and it immediately goes to the right place... but using the Add By Barcode tool returns no results regardless of which book I scan. Is there a newer build I'm missing? Or is this issue not yet fixed on the 4K Archive edition?
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