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  1. Hi,


    I've been away for a few weeks and I was trying to watch the livestreams that I missed but I noticed that there was no livestream #149. Was there some kind of technical problem with that livestream and the recording was lost? Just wondering and thanks.


  2. I have the recent 3rd reprint of the The Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus v1 and it has both a mass-market and direct-market cover. How should it be entered in CB? Usually second and third printings are listed as 1-2 and 1-3 and books with variant covers are listed as 1/A and 1/B. When I enter the UPC code 978130294634059999 I get 1/B but it has the wrong image. Should I use this, update the cover image and add a note that it is the third printing which was printed "between 2/25/2022 and 5/9/2022" or should I create a new item? I'm not really sure how I should enter this book.



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