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  1. Since updating to CB 2021, Sidekick will not "Update database content" or "Save to the cloud"...instead, it displays a "can't connect to server" error message.  This occurs even with antivirus and firewalls disabled and/or uninstalled, and with ComicBase/Sidekick having full permissions through the firewall; occurs when directly connected to the internet connection (not through a router); occurs when connected to a different network (I tried from a friend's home); and even occurs with a fresh install on a brand new machine, again on a different network. 

    Interestingly enough, database updates CAN occur within the CB 2021 program itself, just not through Sidekick, which indicates I do have access to the server.  These issues did not exist before the 2021 upgrade and nothing changed with my network/computers since then.  Also, I am not using OneDrive or any similar programs.

    I am open to any suggestions as to how to get this resolved -- thanks!


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