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  1. Hello. Indicates Volume 1, Issue 1, Special Edition April 2022...J.T. Krul (writer), Joe Benitez (pencils). Still have not found it...
  2. Attached pictures from the front and back covers of an exclusive limited edition from Ryan Kincaid. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find it in the database, or figure out where this one goes. I would appreciate some feedback. Thank you.
  3. I recently obtained a variant comic that indicates that it is an exclusive Aaron Bartling homage variant cover presented by Whatnot. The UPC is 76194137788900131 . However, and unless this is pending to be added to the database, I have not been able to locate this. There are plenty of copies available on eBay, so I am hoping that someone might be familiar as to where this actually appears in CB. Hoping that someone can help. Thanks!
  4. I recently attempted to update the "Artist" and "Cover Artist" fields for Gabriele Dell'Otto and Riccardo Federici for which I had noted there are numerous issues where their names were not spelled correctly. After selecting "Replace All", I did not receive any response that the actions had been completed. In then going back to check some of the issues, I noticed that the incorrect spellings were still there. Can someone tell me if this actually works, and if so, am I supposed to receive some sort of notification that the process has been completed? Otherwise, please have someone update the databased with the correct spellings for these two artists. Thank you!
  5. Mark, the indicia is in Italian and the text itself is almost microscopic...I wish that I could provide more but I also thought that since there are listings in CB for Panini that maybe someone other than myself had/has actually come across these in the past. By the way, and for example, if there are Marvel reprints from other countries (such as Patrulla X (X-Men) from Spain) would these be listed under the regular title(s) or someplace else?
  6. I would like to find out if anyone has seen the comic books that I am including as attachments. I bought these sometime during 2021 from an eBay seller located in Italy. The first contains content and artwork from the Mighty Thor Series and includes a Loki back-up story. The other appears to be for Avengers Stand-Off and also includes a back-up story. The issues are card stock in nature and each has an embossed front cover. Just trying to figure out if 1) They might already exist in the CB database and 2) If not, would I able able to add them (of course, I would also appreciate some advice as to how to determine the actual publisher, correct title / issue numbers to create, etc.). Thank you!
  7. I was updating my inventory tonight and came across this title. I noticed that listed are issues 7 & 8 with their respective covers and UPC's. I don't have these, so I searched for both in eBay, Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, etc. Seems like they may have never been published because they were nowhere to be found. Can someone please confirm if this is accurate? Thank you!
  8. Mark, I have to disagree with what is happening here. I clicked on the link that you provided for all Action Comics 100 variants thinking that their source was Atomic Avenue. However, I have already run across the following: 1000 Variation V lists Midtown Comics Variant Cover by Olivier Coipel (in CB, the same is listed as V33) and, 1000 Variations O, P list Forbidden Planet Variant Covers (regular & virgin) by Jock (yet neither one even appears in CB) So what is the problem here now? And YES, I have the current version of CB with all content updated through today...
  9. I am having serious issues with the new format that was employed a few months back. For example, I have 25 different copies of Action Comics 1000 that in following the old format I was adding newer variants using the 1000/A-2, 3, 4, 5, etc. format. Now all of these seem to follow the new format of 1000/V2, 3, 4, 5, etc. format. So what are the problems? First, the 'V' format for Action Comics starts at V29 so all of those that I have in the single and teen digits do not even appear. Second, and even if they did, how would I go about adding/changing them to the new format without having to do so one by one? AND if this helps anyone figure this out here is a complete list of the ones that I have in stock (cover artist is mentioned): A-2, RUDE, A-3, M. CHO, A-4, GIBBONS, A-5, ALLRED, A-6, STERANKO, A-7, MIDDLETON, A-8, JURGENS, A-9, BERMEJO, A-11, DELL'OTTO, A-13, G.PEREZ, A-16, LAU, A-18, DANIEL, A-20, N. SCOTT, A-21, COIPEL, A-22, MATTINA, A-27, GLEASON, A-29, KIRKHAM, A-31, FABOK, A-34, N. ADAMS, A-36 JURGENS and A-38, MAHNKE. One final note. I have some many other titles that I have this same problem with that it isn't even funny. The format issue from old to new is rampant. Can't anyone come up with a fix for this so that changes don't have to be addressed one by one?
  10. Correction on my part. These were found under MIghty Thor, The.
  11. Please note that I ran into several issues that are listed towards the end of the series that do not appear to be in the right place. These include 700, 700/A, 701, 701/A, 702 and 702/A. I had all of these marked as in stock but then also found them listed under The Mighty Thor (2011-12, 2017-2018). I transferred them over to that series but please consider updating the database for the original series so that they no longer appear in that series.
  12. Please note that when I clicked on this issue, the picture that appears is for a copy of the series Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda. I was able to delete it using the Show Pictures Folder but when I went back and tried to download the cover, the same one shows up again (and yes, my version of CB is current with no new updates available at this time). Please advise.
  13. Steven, thank you, but I was really hoping to avoid having to reinstall CB for the third time in about two weeks...oh well.
  14. Hello. I have recently had to reinstall CB twice within the past 2 weeks. When I tried just a few minutes ago to once again both preview and print the collection report for the titles that I own, what follows below continues to appear. First, where can I find the option to Add and Remove Programs and 2) Do I really need to reinstall CB for a THIRD time? Please let me know. Thanks!
  15. Steven, thank you. Yes, those are the basics. And wouldn't you know it, within 10 minutes of having posted the problem, it somehow reset itself (I did not touch a thing). These are the moments that I like to call 'A ghost in the machine'...Lol.
  16. Within the lasts two days, I have lost the ability to add new issues using the CTRL-J action in conjunction with the scanner. I typically scan the barcode and it automatically jumps to the series/issue number if the barcode already exists. Now it not only is not doing that, but if I type in the series name in the Find field and then click on the search icon, I am receiving the response of 'No matches found'. I then have to take several steps just to get to the title that I am looking for (i.e., Fantastic Four (4th series), Iron Fist (5th series)). Please, does anyone know what may have happened here? I had NOT changed any of my existing settings...
  17. I am receiving the following messages on a regular basis when clicking on the desktop icon to start CB: 1) Having trouble clearing the list of selected titles. Database is locked. 2) Had trouble clearing issue report selections. Database is locked. In addition, I receive a message on the side that states that Sidekick is locked. Any ideas as to what may be happening here?
  18. Mark, thank you but it is not just related to variant issues. I recently went back to check an X-Men series older than the most current and the covers that I had seen before (and was "tracking" for future purchase were not available when I downloaded the last update. If I as a user, or you all as providers constantly update covers that become available or are new, shouldn't they "stay there" from update tp update? Let me know. Thanks again.
  19. Hello. This is a continuing problem when I upload download the new updates. The covers that were there beforehand disappear. For example, the majority of the Amazing Spider-Man #800 issues/variants are not there on a continuing basis. This becomes really annoying, especially now that the issue naming convention changed from the old format (800/A) to the new format (800/V51)...just an example. Please help!
  20. I was checking some of the variants for #600 that I had purchased earlier this month and found them under this title. However, the covers for others that I already owned were not present and I could not download them. Long story short, I found all of them (and the covers) listed under "The Uncanny X-Men" series 1981-2011, 2016. I believe that this is where they actually belong and have deleted the others from the 3rd Series. Please include this correction in the next update so that they do not appear under both. Thank you!
  21. At some point in 2020, several Marvel titles were going to have variant covers which I believe were dedicated to Morbius. While I still see these listed in CB, does anyone know if these were actually published? I have checked eBay several times and have never seen these listed. LMK. Thanks!
  22. Steven, do I actually have to open them once they have finished downloading? Or are they already 'embedded' in the primary CB install? Let me know. Thanks.
  23. Hello. Is anyone else having issues with downloading these files? I have a gaming level computer and it is taking 30-35 minutes to download each one.
  24. I was fortunate over this past weekend to receive a box from a local collector that was full of Marvel, DC, Image, and other 'special' comics and inserts that were only available via a subscription to Wizard The Magazine. Also included were several FCBD editions. Regarding the Wizard items, what is the best way to find out where they might be located in CB? Some have UPC and other codes but not all are picked up by using CTRL-J or the barcode scanner. For example, I have two copies of Dynamite's Project Superpowers Chapter Two Prelude (Only $1.00) that is not in the listing for that series (does have a UPC 'label') but it was not read). Any ideas?
  25. First let me address your comment about adding a quantity in stock. After downloading the latest update today, this issue was in my inventory, but the cover that I had just added last week was not. Second, about the editors at HC not knowing about them, when I download updates only then do I add my new variant issues because it is obvious that they are not already accounted for. Upon doing so, I then 'Submit New or Corrected Data' and even receive the message on a regular basis that there is a larger scan available for upload (I always click 'Yes'). And to your comment about if someone else has added 1/w versus 1/W, not sure what you mean about that. Again, if there is nothing in the update... And lastly, do not understand you last comment. What exactly am I accomplishing by contacting support? I am the one scanning the cover that they do not already have. I thought that one of the great features of CB is that users can submit updates to help not only the CB staff but all of our fellow users as well. If I worked for them, I would certainly welcome that support from my customers. Oh well, just the thoughts of a typical collector who doesn't like having to do things twice.
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