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  1. Hello. I often purchase variant covers from retailers such as Bulletproof, Unknown, Comics Elite, etc. Lately I have noticed that after creating the issue variant and going to the trouble to scan and add them, the covers themselves disappear from the list of issues (and yes, the ones that I add, for example '1/W' are still there). Is there a way to prevent these from being removed during the updates?  Help!

  2. Hello. I just downloaded the latest version yesterday afternoon. However, I noticed that the little icon for Sidekick no longer appears where I had him set up in my bottom toolbar. Is he hidden somewhere?  Or do I need to add him back in some manner?

  3. As an avid collector of the variant covers for the current Vampirella and Vengeance of Vampirella series, I wanted to share something that has me a bit confused. While CB lists the current Vampirella series as the 7th, the indicia (inside cover) of each issues lists the series as Volume 5.  Not sure what this is about, but maybe it is due to the difference in publisher between Harris Comics and Dynamite Entertainment?  Let me know if you are able to shed some light on this for me. Thanks!

  4. Thank you. Btw, and if CB is listening, this GN is listed at $13.00 in NM condition. Two of the 3 that I bought are in that grade and when I checked eBay sales earlier today, NM copies had sold for as much as $60+. In summary, my question is how does the CB engine recognize the current prices that copies might actually be selling for? Just curious...

  5. A couple of months ago I was fortunate enough to but 3 copies of the original graphic novel by Claremont & Anderson. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the related listing as the only ones that appear are the 1994 reprint and the 2020 extended cut. Does anyone know if this is in the CB database?  Let me know. Thanks!

  6. Mark, thanks for your response but I was not referring just to this title. As an example, I will always buy variant covers by Dell'Otto, Alex Ross and Kirkham as opposed to the regular covers for any title. If those are not 'synchronized' to the cover artist listed, it is difficult to isolate them. Therefore, my question still stands. If covers are available and downloaded, is the cover artist and the description confirmed (where applicable)?  Let me know. Thanks again.  

  7. I have noticed that one of the consistent issues with CB involves the covers that are downloaded versus the description of the issue and eventually the cover artist listed. For example for Return of Wolverine, there are numerous variants for issue #1. Today I was updating a few of those variants that I recently purchased and via the scan of the UPC for one of them (ending in 138), it took me directly to 1/A-44. First off, the actual cover of the book was done by Clayton Crain. Second, the downloaded cover that was available was the homage to Incredible Hulk #181 done by Mico Suayan. Next, the description listed did not match either one. And lastly, the cover artist was not even close. In summary, my questions is this: When a new issue is added, and the cover downloaded, does anyone check across the board to see that all other fields (especially the description and the cover artist) are accurate? While I assume that this can be a monumental task, and why CB depends on users to submit corrections, I would think that these are the basic aspects that one can build on to avoid confusion. In closing, the correct issues for these particular Crain covers are 1/A-45 and 1/A-46 (seems like 1/A-44 does not really exist). Thanks for listening.

  8. I was about to add some new issues earlier today to DC Comics Flash (4th series) and noticed that this appears under both 'Flash' and 'The Flash'. From the looks of it, the 'Flash' title appeared first and indicates that it started in 2011. The latter indicates 2011-present and seems to be more complete. The problem is that all of the issues that I have inventoried were done so under 'Flash'. Is there an easy way to 'transfer' these so I do not have to change them one by one? And if 'The Flash (4th series)' is the most current, can I be sure that the 'Flash' title can later be deleted? Or should I leave as is?

  9. For Batman (3rd series), I had added 1/K for a variant that had not existed at the time for a Neal Adams cover. In addition, I was able to have him sign it at the 2016 Florida Supercon (all of which was documented in the description. In addition, I scanned the cover and also set a selling price of $20.00 (and checking off on the box to not allow changes by updates). However, when I happened to come back to this series earlier today to add some newer variants that I had bought, both the cover was gone and the selling price appeared as $2.99 (same as the cover price). Is there anything that I can do to prevent this from happening moving forward? I buy many variants from sellers such as ComicsElite, Unknown Comics, BuyMeToys, Jetpack, etc. that I often receive before Comicbase includes them in their updates.

  10. To both Dennis and Steven, thanks for a lot of valuable information. I am going to add my two cents worth. As a collector that just passed 50k+ issues (and believe me there are still about 2,000+ to be inventoried), I started buying drawer boxes about 5 years ago. Truth be told, you better be sure of what is in each one because I stack no higher than 5 at a time and have at least 8-10 'rows' across. As great as they are, they are still hard to handle if you do not start off on the right foot. With regard to mylars, I have spent the last 3+ years buying a lot of silver age/bronze age books and that type of bag is well worth it if you want to keep them in better shape than they were in when they first arrived in your hands. Leave the current bags and even those that are a bit wider for current comics and going back about 10-15 years. By the way, don't forget about the boards, these can make a big difference no matter how new or old your books are. Last but not least, rent an air conditioned storage unit if you are able to. Yes, this can get a bit pricey but my local facility turned me on to having two 10 x 10 units instead of one 10 x 20 and I am actually saving about $125/month. Sadly, I know the time will come when all of this will stop but better to take good care of what I have now so that someone (or many) can enjoy these down the road.

  11. Mark, as mentioned this cover is related to issue #1 of the current series. I added it back yesterday as a variant, I believe 1-M and also added back several others for the same issue number that had also disappeared. These include a Suayan and a Kirkham variant among others. I would think that when I first created these and then submitted them as new/corrected data that they would have been retained even if they first had to be verified before being included in an update. On the other hand, the only thing that I did at renewal, since you had told me that I did not need to reinstall the 20.0.2 file, was to download the Picture 1 to Picture 4 zipped files (which by the way are still sitting in the download folder because I wanted to get the subject matter resolved first, just in case). Let me know what I should do next, if anything. Thanks and stay safe.

  12. I have several missing issues from content that I myself had created prior to renewing my subscription on 3/28/20. For example, issue #1 of the current series for Wolverine that has a fluorescent variant cover by John Tyler Christopher. This is an exclusive edition that has no visible UPC code, and on the back cover it includes a COA from Marvel Entertainment that states that production was limited to 3,000 copies. I had already scanned, created and added this under the series and now it is nowhere to be found. The same has happened for other titles and issues for which I had input exclusive variants. Now I am concerned because there is no way to figure out how many other books might have been affected. Has anyone else experienced this after renewing their subscription?

  13. Mark, when I select the download option, a total of 6 files appear (one is for CB movies which I never use). Four are for pictures and one is for the 20.0.2 installer that I just added less than two weeks ago. Therefore, do I have everything I need? And if not, what exactly am I renewing for at $129.95? Please let me know ASAP because like many, I now have a lot of time on my hands as well as a ton of new and old books to inventory. Thanks and stay safe. 

  14. My subscription expires 3/22/20. In attempting to select the download option, I received a message that the method is not recommended due to the high volume of pictures, etc. and that it is best to install from disks. Unfortunately, my Dell computer does not have ports for using disks. What to do? Please advise.

  15. I have purchased numerous variant covers for issue #1 of the current Vengeance of Vampirella Dynamite series (2nd series). At this time, I have already filled in the alphabet all the way through 'Z'.   I added two duplicates using 1_A-2 and 1_A-3 and now have to add two more. The technical issue at hand is that when I scan the covers and attempt to drag them to the respective row, it seems like the action is completed but the cover is not displayed. Furthermore, it will not appear in the picture file for the series. Has anyone else had this problem. Any ideas for a solution?

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