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  1. Under Titles To Print: Titles I Own

    If I hit Selected Titles it asks me to choose and it list the 4 titles which includes the 3 series I did not add

    So doing that does eliminate those 3 titles but the problem is how did they get there and how can I remove them? How do you add and then remove a series (not individual issues but a series) from my collection?



  2. Sorry about the lack of detail. So when I run a Collection Report and select both titles I have and titles I want the 3 titles I have never marked come up. I have attached a picture of this report. I know I can just unselect the titles I want from the report but, I would love to know how to get rid of them at all.

    Also, how do I had a title or issues to my list of things I want?


  3. I went to pull a report of my collection recently (including missing titles) and there are 3 titles that I did not add to my collection in the report that show up as needs. I went to those titles in the database and they are not showing up as titles I want.


    What's going on and how can I fix this?

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