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  1. malware bytes didnt note it the last time, but since reinstalling *a freshly downloaded copy*, malware bytes is calling it ransomeware.

    Your guys are gonna want to call Malware Bytes and work this out. again, a *freshly downloaded copy* from the registrations page itself.


  2. So i just finished doing a content update about a half hour ago, and was in a title and tried to download some covers. CB just *CLOSED*, no errors, and the program shortcut pointed to nothing, and now the whole app SIMPLY ISN'T THERE. I've been using this app since 2008, and it's done some interesting things, and it's been quirky at best, but since when does an app uninstall AS YOU'RE USING IT?

    Now look, I'm an IT professional-i've been fixing, deploying, and troubleshooting computers and apps for 22 years-and i see no reason this could possibly have happened.

    No, my license is not out of date.

    Yes, my AV is current.

    No, it hasn't found any infections.

    no, there are no intrusions on my device.

    At no point was an MSI gui running, no warning about anything. i haven't installed anything new or changed drivers or allowed windows to update.

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