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  1. FYI.

    I am trying to enter a new Magazine title, "Monsterscene".  I am getting a page for entry which asks for the title.  When I enter it, the program auto fills the title with what is currently available (Aurora Monster Scenes) in the database.  This erases my entry and replaces it with the existing (incorrect) title.  If I try to change the title and enter information for it, the program gives an error and won't allow save it.


    When I enter this as a new comic title, I can get the same process BUT it allows me to alter the "Aurora Monster Scene" title to the new "Monsterscene" title and save it as a new title without altering the Aurora title.  I then move that comic title to the magazine category.

    Shouldn't the process work the same in each category (comic, magazine, book)?

  2. 3 minutes ago, Jeff Chahal said:

    Thanks, what size did you change to?

    This is only related to the Grading option though, all the other windows under the setup option come up fine.



    1920x1080 as suggested by windows 10 AND changed the "size of text..." to 125%.  I originally had it set to 150% as I have had problems with my eyesigntlately.  Once i reset these to 125%, everything was fine.  Hope it works for you.

  3. 17 hours ago, Jeff Chahal said:

    I can't access any options to add anything, screenshot below of what I get when I access Setup>Grades


    I had a similar problem. I could not scroll up all the way on the screen to access the changes.  I found that I needed to change the view size for windows itself at my desktop.  Once I reduced, the screen size, the page was correct.


    I upgraded to build 2851 and both methods work for me.  However, not all of my selected wants are showing in the reports.  It looks like they were not all picked up in my previous build as well (2836).

    Also, the file is being exported on my system because I forgot to select a printer for output.  So, selecting output to my printer works correctly.

    I am having trouble with file tools as "Optimize Database" and "Rebuild Lists - Item Information" cause the program to crash.


  5. CB version is 2020 Archive Edition v20.0.1.2836.  I have been able to generate the wanted list in 2 ways.  I was mistaken about the first & easiest way as I had not tried it since my last update/upgrade (too lazy).  I had already figured that I could generate a report using the second method.

    The first method (which I had not tried again when I last posted):

       Choose Report

       Collection Report - "Titles I Own "

       "List only wanted items"

       Print or Preview.  File is created for export and you are asked to save it.

    The second method was the way that I had defaulted to do:

       Choose Report

       Collection Report - "Selected Titles" and click "Select"

       At the new screen, select "All Titles' or "Titles in stock"

       Highlight all the titles that you are interested in finding and press "OK"

       Print or Preview.  File is created for export and you are asked to save it.

    Perhaps it is a bug in the current CB version?

  6. I just ran this report on my system and it worked.  You might be forgetting to select the option that states "Selected titles".  If you leave it as the default "Titles I Own" it will not find any issues.

    When you choose "Selected Titles" then click "choose " and at the top of the next screen click on "All Titles" or "Titles in stock".  Then highlight all issues that you have wants for and then "Ok".  You MUST highlight at least 1 title.

    Selecting print will send the file to be saved wherever you wish.  You can then open the file and print it yourself.  It generates  the report like it was before but instead of just printing it, it asks you to save it.  Extra steps!  😞


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