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  1. Newest release, newest price update, no changes. But don't worry: I can live without this feature. It was nice as long as it lasted 😉
  2. I was at least expecting to see the last dot from 2/12/22, but I will wait til next week...
  3. The settings have always been the same: regular price update & load new covers. No changes to anything else.
  4. Oops - the second pic was from my other databa with slabbed books. Here ist the right one - updated but with the same problem that I described in my first posting
  5. As I said: After the update there is even less data. And the starting point has moved forwards, cannot be reset to January.
  6. The main software at least once in a month (if available), the pricing each weekend.
  7. Updated to the newest build - then to the newest prices & the result is even less data than before 😞
  8. I have updated my CB whenever there was a new release available.
  9. The feature „value over time“ in Collection Statistics stopped working last July. Since then only the most recent value is added and is overwritten with the next price update. Until July there was a new dot with each weekly price update. The result as shown today are many dots from last January to July and the next dot is from this February update. Any ideas ?
  10. Thanx for the quick support. The problems were solved by the latest release 🙂
  11. After installing the new Comicbase (which solved a lot of old problems) I now have a new one that really bugs me: The Comicbase system language was automatically changed to German (my Windows country setting). The translations of the column names or the pulldown menus are a mixture of funny and horrible - just like a bad Google or Ebay translation. That never happened with older versions! No problem I thought: Just change the country setting in Windows and everything will work just like before. Bad idea: With the new country setting Comicbase wouldn't start at all. So now I am back where I started. Any ideas how to change the Comicbase system language (without a complete reinstallation of Comicbase under the US-Setting in Windows)?
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