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  1. It would be interesting (to me at least) to have a better understanding of how database corrections are processed when they are submitted through CB via the "Submit New or Corrected Data" feature. Filling in an empty field seems pretty straightforward, but what if the correction is deleting duplicate or extraneous information? If someone thinks they have found a new title, is it appropriate to create an entry in CB first and submit it that way, or would that be better for the message board? How much headache do I cause when I upload a correction, immediately realize that I left something out or spelled something incorrectly, and then upload a corrected correction? What happens when I am trying to submit a corrected or larger cover image without any other data changes, and the CB software doesn't ask me for my cover? Did I just submit a "correction" that matches the master database 100%, and does that cause any confusion? Even if not, what is the best way then to get that cover-only correction to the team? I think having a better idea of how the corrections are processed or compared against the master database could help users decide whether it's best to submit something through CB, take it to the message board, or send a direct e-mail, and do so with the minimum amount of confusion for the CB team having to figure out the intent of the user while wading through multiple and duplicate submissions.
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