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  1. Where can I get that "pink ribbon" graphic used to cover the naughty bits on some of the more revealing covers? I'd like to be able to pre-censor when uploading cover scans in case the revelations are overlooked by the CB editorial staff.
  2. Looks like the series Brotherman published by Big City Comics has duplicate entries under the title "Brotherman" and with the subtitle "Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline." I have no issues in hand to be able to verify which is accurate per the indicia.
  3. Both issues #2 (regular and hardcover) covers shown in CB for this title are the covers of the 2nd prose novel in this series (same name and author, but all text, no comics). The GN version, which appears to be the same for both the softcover and hardcover, is attached. I attempted to upload through the program, but the cover scan was not accepted, presumably because the current master db image is larger.
  4. Thank you for that tip! That does seem to have removed the Previews Catalog scans from the mix-up (by eliminating them from the download), although I did still spot a few other magazine titles routed to the wrong publishers. Still seems to only be affecting magazines, and as before, if I go to the individual entries in ComicBase, highlight the issue, and use Download Cover from the drop-down menu, it downloads to the correct folder:
  5. Thanks Pete. Is there a way to force a content download other than Check For Updates in the drop-down menu? I'm happy to check, but keep getting the "you're already current" message:
  6. Out of curiosity this morning, I hit the Check For Updates again, and it downloaded another content update which included the Previews Catalog images again, but it dropped them in a different publisher's folder this time. Similarly the Playboy Magazine images jumped publisher folders as well: Going to the actual Previews Catalog title in ComicBase, it showed the entries for those issues, but without cover images. Highlighting the entries in the software and hitting Download Covers did bring down the images correctly though. I'm currently on build v. if that helps t
  7. Found a few more that went into title folders under the wrong publishers. Seems it may have been magazine cover images affected?
  8. Downloaded the latest content update today, and happened to notice that there were a ton of cover images for Previews Catalog that dumped in the Slave Labor publisher's directory rather than the Diamond Comic Distributors Inc directory where the other Previews Catalog cover images are housed. The first few examples:
  9. Fair enough. Thank you for clarifying.
  10. In the title Wizard: The Comics Magazine, there are listings for issues #167.2 and #187.2, both of which appear to coincide with the Wizard Mega Movie #3 (Spring/Summer 2007 issue) which is listed under its own separate title. Unfortunately, I do not have any of these in hand to be able to check the indicia for how these issues are titled.
  11. Looks like the images for the regular and Whitman variant issues are backward in CB (variant should be the one with the slash through the UPC). I submitted a correction through the program, but it only took the image for the regular edition as an upload.
  12. Having a similar need, I wound up using/dedicating one of the custom fields to add a publisher as I'm entering inventory, which can then be exported. I typically Ctrl+G for a quick change of the entire title. Requires a little more manual entry, but also helps with those titles that changed publishers mid-run such that some issues don't match up with the main publisher for that title.
  13. Having read through the old message board posts regarding Heavy Metal, and their shift to a sequential issue numbering rather than the previous annual volume/issue number method, I am understanding that their records and those of CB apparently differ by about 10 issues. Currently, the first series numbering stops at #258 in ComicBase and on AA, with those last few issues before the shift being absent from both Series 1 and Series 2. Presumably this was done to avoid confusion, but with the side effect being that those 10 issues or so are no longer indexed or available on AA in either series.
  14. Heavy Metal #293/A is showing the incorrect cover, and lists 2 artists in the Notes section. The A cover should be the one attached below, by Flavio Greco Paglia. The cover currently shown in ComicBase is also correctly displayed for the C cover, and is by Wanjin Gim. I attempted to upload the correct cover via the Submit New Or Corrected Data link, but apparently the master database image is larger, because it did not ask me for my image.
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