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  1. Figured it out with the help of Tech support. There was a null in there somewhere screwing things up. In addition to rebuild item info, we did series and list of owned series. Worked like a champ after that. Thanks for all your help as well. Much appreciated.
  2. yep exactly did rebuild, optimized nothing. Collection overview shows a few comics like 4 I have 132 on the collection report
  3. Thats the wierd part. I scanned them. they made it to the Pricing list report on my W10 app. They are listed but the Collection Overview doesnt see them at all. Its almost like there is a SAVE button somewhere that needs to write it to the reports.
  4. I guess I need support to help me find out why they are not showing up in the Collection Overview - there are about 135 of them so far and i have another 75 or so to go. extremely frustrating.
  5. i get that the iphone is not active and just "sending/recieving". It automatically sends but needs to have a report run on the W10 app in order to have it available for the mobile app to retrieve. 1) which report / menu item specifically needs to be run on the W10 app? 2) The Collection Overview, when printed contains only 2 comics. It has been a day. Why? what updates this?
  6. I'm just starting out and am getting just a tad frustrated. Perhaps its because I've been programming databases for 25+ years. So I've added 50+ comics via iphone (see errors experienced in my noobie questoin), and it was tripling. So I went back to backup, used it as a replacement and it seems to be fine. My collection overview report only shows 2 titles. I have selected Titles I own , Items in my collection and nope, only 2. The collection parameters are enclosed The collection report seems fine. my iphone current value and numbers are off by the 50+ I entered, even though they show up on the web and in the W10 app. It has been 2 hours btw and they still are not updated on the iphone - yes, I updated sales/purchases and it says there are no new ones. what did I do wrong?
  7. great - i scanned about 53 + comics using the iphone. When I came back to W10 and went into Internet-->check for new.... , it said it had 53 and if I wanted to add. I clicked yes. After a short time it errored out with a VB error . I rebooted and tried again. Same thing I went into Report-> Collection overview and it only shows the original one comic I added (yes, I have selected Titles I own and Items in my collection) I go into Report--> Collection Report and it tripled up on the ones I scanned. ARRRG!!!! One of the main reasons I purchased the PRO is so that I could enter titles using the iphone app. The web looks right, but how do I trust it? Now what do I do?
  8. I just purchased ComicBase Pro. When I opened the program on W10, I went into my first comic, Power Lords, entered issue #2. great. The rest of the comics Ive been entering with the iphone App - using that as my scanner. Whenever I open Pro now, it shows the Power Lords screen. Is there a way for it to default to listing my collection? Also, if the database doesnt have a cover for a particular issue (even though the iphone app did), is there a way to add it? Finally, just to make sure. Entering from the iPhone is accurate, right? and I just have to remember to go to Internet--> Check for new sales/purchases all the time, right? ("it would be nice" to link via bluetooth or LAN from my phone to the database rather than remembering to go to the main program all the time. ) Thanks for the help, Jerry
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