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  1. I imported a CSV file (weird that it has to have a txt extension - very non-standard) and there are a few designated as "unknown publisher". What is the procedure to remove these from my collection or convert them to the correct title/publisher.? I cannot list the indivisual titles and I cannot delete the unknown publisher references from my database.
  2. Thanks, I have express and there is an option to import (which I have used, but got a lot of "unknown publisher" since many of my titles did not match what the CB database wanted. ) but not one to export. What that means is that I will have to continue to maintain two databases, the CB one and my own spreadsheet. i am trying to organize my entire collection, something like 3000 comics prior to disposing of the whole lot. the majority of my comics do not have bar codes so that is not an option.
  3. I am a new user, as of 2 days ago and am trying to organize my inventory. Much of it I already have in spreadsheets, and have imported my data into the CB database. There are a lot of edits that I need to make in the CB database and the easiest way would be to export the whole database and work with a Spreadsheet. However: I cannot find anything in the user guides or anything in the forums that detail the procedure for exporting from the CB database to CSV or excel or XML or whatever. Can someone explain to me how to do this or point me to a FAQ or user guide that I may have overlooked?
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