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  1. Bummed. If I can't fully test what I need with the free version, I'm stuck.
  2. That's a bit techie over my head! But I guess you need "advanced find" to use things like "ComicTitles.Publisher" anyway? I sure don't see where to find that.
  3. Well I guess the free version does not have the advanced find. Bummer because I do not want to buy the upgrade until I am satisfied with the software, and this function is important to me. I have the other choices in the drop down box but not the "advanced find".
  4. I can't find the advanced find. When I click the magnifying glass I get a box where you can choose "released this week", and there is a choice for choosing an item field, which is where I can pick "cover date". So I can look up specific cover dates. But it lists EVERYTHING. I don't see an advanced way to choose just "Marvel".
  5. Hi, Is there a way to create a report listing all the comics published on a specific cover date? And filtered by Marvel? For instance, if I want to see all Marvel comics with a cover date of January 1975. Thanks, Rick
  6. Hi, Trying to get a feel for the software in the free demo version. I don't see how to edit a comic to indicate that I own it. Or when I bought it, how much I paid, etc. Can someone show me how to do this? Thanks, Rick
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