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  1. I just noticed if you print an Identification Label it recognizes you have multiple copies and asks if you just want to print one label.
  2. Thanks Steven, I guess there are workarounds. It's odd they don't follow typical conventions for printing. In most applications (Word, Excel, etc) When you print something you have options to print 1 page, all, series of pages, etc. You also have options to print one or many copies.
  3. I pulled the trigger and got the Archive edition and I'm working through how I will be using this. I sell comics at shows and markets from time to time. One of the features I like is the label printing capability. One problem I'm having is if I own 10 copies of the same book and want to label / sell maybe 1 or 2 copies for an upcoming show the system does not give me the option to just print one or two labels. It assumes I want to print 10 labels. Are there plans to add more customization of fields on the label? Maybe allow for 1 or 2 additional data fields that can be custom content. Also allowing for a blank price so you can enter your own price since Comicbase prices lag behind the market. Thanks Ron
  4. That is what I would have thought as well. I don't think it's working as designed unfortunately either. If you start at your first owned title and click Next Title it toggles through your owned titles. After your last owned title it jumps to some random non-owned title. When clicking Next Title again. it does not jump to my first title at all, instead it picks another owned title, sometimes the 2nd or 3rd alphabetically. I have 4 titles entered, If I use Next Title arrow I get: Amazing Spiderman (1st owned) Incredible Hulk (2nd owned) Spiderman (3rd owned) Uncanny X-men (4th owned) Random non-owned title (sometimes 2 non-owned titles come up) Randomly the 2nd or 3rd owned title comes up (it will progress through to my 4th title after hitting Next Title, but it never goes back to the 1st in my collection, ASM) Random non-owned title and repeat... Devs if you want to recreate this, just start with a fresh database, add 4 or 5 comic titles, change items to show to Owned items, then toggle through using the Next Title arrow a bunch of times. You'll toggle through your collection to the end the first time then it jumps to random issues and then it does not go back to the first issue in your collection.
  5. New version of Comicbase does the same thing. No response to my email to support from November, no response here. I skipped buying this on black friday, I guess I'll be skipping the christmas pricing as well. I'm not entering thousands of books when I have only a couple in there now and it appears to have data corruption.
  6. I uninstalled Comicbase, deleted the Human Computing folders wherever I found them. A search of my entire C drive only showed the downloaded install binary. I re-installed and the first title that comes up is Batman and Robin, I then toggled through with the arrows and it went to the next titles alphabetically like it should showing the comics in that series. I then checked the Owned Items under view, then when I arrow through it jumps to all different series, not in order just in some random fashion, but Rain Like Hammers is always shown almost every other title. Keep in mind I haven't entered a single issue yet. If I change the View Option back to All Items it toggles through titles in alphabetic order like it should. I entered one comic in a title (verified because that's the only thing that shows up when I create a collection report) but when I toggle using the arrows I get titles I don't own comics for.
  7. No good... I ran the rebuild... still getting phantom comic series showing up when I arrow through. I uninstalled and re-installed same thing. I'm going to try and uninstall and delete everything manually again.
  8. I just noticed it's not showing a title I have issues in when I use the nav arrows. But if I manually search that title I can see my issues listed.
  9. Here you go... I did have Comicbase installed maybe 2 months ago, but uninstalled it after a brief evaluation. When I reinstalled today with the latest version available I saw comic records from my previous evaluation of it. So I uninstalled comicbase and deleted any traces I could find under Program Files x86 and my User folder. I then re-installed and it generated a new database at start up.
  10. I'm trying out the free version before buying and I'm having an issue with titles that I don't have comics in showing up. When I use the arrows in the top right of the application for next and previous title I can see the titles I've added comics to, but I also see titles that I have no comics in. I have the View - Items to Show set to Owned Items only. Rain Like Hammers always shows up, the other titles appear to be random. No issues show up, just the titles when I toggle through...
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