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  1. I appreciate your assistance Steven! I'll load it under a new title.
  2. Cannot for the life of me able to find this comic. The place I found it said it was a relatively rare comic to find a higher grade on. I don't want to add anything if there is already a home for it. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. On the last update I received several comics that indicated they were "unrecognized items" as they are not part of the current master database. I didn't create this title, it was there when I searched and it matched my comic. Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 2) UPC Code: 07148602034912 Issue: 1 Cover: when I try and find the correct title that is apart of the Master Database. I am completely stumped. Any suggestions on how I can find this title?
  4. I did the rebuild lists and checked everything to be rebuilt. It did not immediately show success, but when I launch it this morning I am starting to see much more improvment. I believe between this and the system "searching for character" was the solution. Now - question: When they make changes to the master database, and it puts unrecognized books - does the system automatically move them to the new correct title/copy? Or do I have to manually go through now and replace them all?
  5. This is exactly what was happening in my search box. even though the check mark was on Titles, it was only searching characters!! I had to reclick the titles again, and it started to search correctly for the titles. Part of the issue solved!" Thanks!
  6. More evidence: If I use Advanced Find - looking for the following: I get the following: As you can see - the auto fill features is indicated there is no web of black widow, yet the advanced search finds Web of Black Widow. Not sure why my find window is broken now and takes 30s each search??
  7. I also noticed now the following message after install: Unrecognized Items Thursday, December 2, 2021 8:29:08 PM Database: C:\Users\jlpan\Documents\Human Computing\ComicBase Databases\ComicBase Database.cbdb These items exist in your database, but aren't part of our current master database. - Check to make sure that these items aren't already in ComicBase under a different name, and use the Edit menu's "Transfer Items to A Different Title" command to move any existing items under the official title if they do exist already. - If any items are officially classed as a different type of collectible (e.g. you might have a magazine listed as a comic book). use the Edit menu's "Change Title Media Type" command to move your inventory to the proper type of media. - If you have items that are new, and you believe them to be of general interest to ComicBase users, please consider going to the items in question, selecting them, then using the "Submit New or Corrected Data" to send them to our editors for inclusion in the master database. This allows other users of the program to benefit from this data, and also allows them to be updated with new sales data and pricing. Hint: To have ComicBase automatically eliminate titles and items which are not in the master database, and which aren't marked as being in your collection, check the "Remove obsolete items" and "Remove obsolete titles" checkboxes when downloading updates. Comics Unrecognized Comic Titles Extreme Carnage: Alpha Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 2) Vampirella/Dracula: Unholy Wonder Woman: Black & Gold Unrecognized Comics Crossover (Image) 7/E Crossover (Image) 7/F Department of Truth 10/H Department of Truth 10/I Department of Truth 13/G Extreme Carnage: Alpha 1/D Friday 1-2 Haha 6/G Immortal Hulk 40/D Inferno (2nd Series) 1/K King in Black 3/J Marvel Comics 1000/A-20 Marvel Tales (2nd Series) 137-3 Mighty Morphin 1/L Nyx (Dynamite) 1/O Nyx (Dynamite) 1/P Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 2) 1 Punchline (DC) 1/V29 Something is Killing the Children 16/N Uncanny X-Men (5th Series) 1/A-18 Vampirella (7th Series) 11/V28 Vampirella/Dracula: Unholy 0 Walking Dead Deluxe, The 27-2 Wonder Woman: Black & Gold 6/A Wonder Woman: Black & Gold 6/B X-Men (5th Series) 21/H All these copies were found no problem PRIOR to the upload? How did the main database lose these titles?
  8. Loaded up ComicBase and it said I had a new update, and as usual I update. After it was done uploading, the search feature is extremely slow. Typically, I scan a barcode, and almost instantly it comes up. Well after the upload the search takes along time like 20-30 seconds. Also of the three comics i was trying add, all three came back not found? I was adding a copy of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #39, and so i thought my variant cover was just simply not loaded. So I search for Moon Girl - and strangely there is no Moon Girl and Devil DInosaur just "Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette). When I load into that, It then chances the title to "Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur", but it only has 1 copies of #1. I cannot imagine ComicBase is missing #2-39. I also tried to find Future STate: The Next Batman 4 and Web of Black Widow #1 None of these are found?!? Seems like the update broke my ComicBase.
  9. I found the issue! By default the Installing new pictures GUI found a picture file and asks if you want to install it. I didn't realize that the file it found, was not the new Quick Start File - I had to say "NO" and then navigate to the newly downloaded Quick Start file name. Wonder why it is defaulting to an older picture file? Anyway if anyone else runs into this, hopefully this will help
  10. I thought I understood the Quick Start Version to have a complete library of thumbnail pictures. However when I install the new quick start picture files, i have zero new picture?!? I've tried installing it several times.
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