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  1. I have something weird -- one of my titles -- Back Issue, only shows issues I own and nothing else. Every unknowned issue is missing. I've checked the view options and tried shifting into only in stock view and back to all issues, from grid to rows, updated the DB and restarted, etc and nothing seems to affect it. anybody got a tip for fixing this table or seen it before?
  2. This was it! odd that when the column was added the width wasn't set properly but adjusting the width solved the problem. Thanks!
  3. I just upgraded my DB to 2022 Archive. I use the marked field to manage my want lists -- utilized it as such since before the want list feature was available. I figured out how to display the field and move it relatively close to the front, but regardless of marked/unmarked there is no indicator in the field. Even after closing and re-opening the application. Going to the issue view, you can see that the issue is still 'marked' in the DB. Is there a way to actually display the marked field? Or to bring back the old functionality that used the triangle indicator for 'marked' books?
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