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  1. I don't use sidekick too often. It is always down on my task bar, but recently I cleared out my wish list in Atomic Ave because it had a whole lot of old wishes. Now when I run Sidekick - settings - save to cloud has the Add wanted issues box checked. (I've tried to run perform all tasks) It doesn't seem to run. It doesn't update my wish list in atomic ave. What am I doing wrong?
  2. I've had issues with Comicbase even before I installed 2023. Now I cannot even scroll without it pausing every few screens. I just want to remove ALL traces (except my databases) from my system so I can do a clean install. Just installing and reinstalling repeats the same issues. Thanks Jeff
  3. Since I updated the Menu Bar (Sub menu bar I guess) is really small and the previous and next arrow buttons are off the screen to the right. I'm assuming it has to do with init files but can someone help? Thanks Jeff
  4. The scanning process seems to be broken. It's retrieving the comics incredibly slow. Sometimes it will retrieve a book, leave that barcode there so when I scan the next item there's 2 barcodes there. If I'm not looking I can have multiple barcodes stacking up. I used to be able to scan 'bop, bop, bop...' one after another with no issues. Now it's painstakingly slow and I have to review what I scan to make sure it's captured. It is a new issue (maybe from the latest update) Please help
  5. That's exactly how I have it. But I forgot to say - It doesn't work on Save to Web (which is best for the app). It seems to work ok for everything else. (1st image - export, second - Save to Web)
  6. I always run the Wanted report but it's no longer working correctly. I uncheck the exclude owned items box - and run then report in does not include books that I own and want to upgrade to better copies. It used to work until about 3 or 4 months ago. No matter how many ways I try to run the report it will not include my wanted (but already own) books. Help!
  7. I just tried out the new Wanted report and have an issue with it. Previously I would run an item checklist to get the report I wanted. Alas - no pictures (when saved to web). Now I hear that a new report was created that would have pictures. The report looks excellent...except - The report doesn't include any 'wanted' books that I already have quantity of. For example - I've got several 'poor' issues that I want to upgrade. They do not show up on the Wanted report. Is there a fix?
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