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  1. The scanning process seems to be broken. It's retrieving the comics incredibly slow. Sometimes it will retrieve a book, leave that barcode there so when I scan the next item there's 2 barcodes there. If I'm not looking I can have multiple barcodes stacking up. I used to be able to scan 'bop, bop, bop...' one after another with no issues. Now it's painstakingly slow and I have to review what I scan to make sure it's captured. It is a new issue (maybe from the latest update) Please help
  2. That's exactly how I have it. But I forgot to say - It doesn't work on Save to Web (which is best for the app). It seems to work ok for everything else. (1st image - export, second - Save to Web)
  3. I always run the Wanted report but it's no longer working correctly. I uncheck the exclude owned items box - and run then report in does not include books that I own and want to upgrade to better copies. It used to work until about 3 or 4 months ago. No matter how many ways I try to run the report it will not include my wanted (but already own) books. Help!
  4. I just tried out the new Wanted report and have an issue with it. Previously I would run an item checklist to get the report I wanted. Alas - no pictures (when saved to web). Now I hear that a new report was created that would have pictures. The report looks excellent...except - The report doesn't include any 'wanted' books that I already have quantity of. For example - I've got several 'poor' issues that I want to upgrade. They do not show up on the Wanted report. Is there a fix?
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