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  1. Hi Mark, Hi Peter, I have been busy testing over the weekend, using build 2878 and think I have found the problem. My conclusion is that the pre-installed (clean, aka empty) database contains errors. Errors that will only be noticed when you’re running CB 2020 on a Dutch system (perhaps other non English as well). Since most users are US based or convert their old CB 2017 (V19) database, they will not get this particular error. I have just shared my findings in a PDF with the support team directly.
  2. Hi Mark, Peter, Thanks for the update. Have done a few (quick) tests, problem still remains. Will explore several test scenarios over the weekend and share my findings with your team directly.
  3. Installed CB 2020, build 2836 last week on a new computer, running W10 Pro, 64 bit. I can only get CB to run when I set my region to US and then change the date format to US as well. My regular settings are Dutch, meaning DD-MM-YYYY for a date and not MM/DD/YYYY. Because of this CB fails to run, stating that the value is not a valid datetime value. Which is odd, for a datetime value should only be a number that is forrmatted using the regional settings. Please advise what to do. Changing my region / datetime settings each time I want to run CB is of course not an option.
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