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  1. Why is Star Wars #1 NM price of $235 lower than the 2nd Printing NM price of $295. That makes no sense at all.
  2. I don't follow modern issues much, but I noticed that Amazing Spider-Man #666 has about 145 Variants. What was Marvel's reasoning behind making so many variants of that specific issue? Thanks!
  3. Everytime I do File --> Collection Statistics, it opens with the Breakdown as: Mature-Only Items Non-Mature-Only Items I want to to open with Publisher. It used to remember my last setting, but for some time now, it's has been defaulting to the Mature/Non-Mature setting. Can you fix this? I'm running v21.0.2.1849
  4. Wow, the prices for comics has really inflated this year. A CGC 9.0 of Amazing Spider-man just sold for $1,975: https://www.hipcomic.com/listing/amazing-spider-man-101-marvel-1971-cgc-graded-90-1st-appearane-of-moribu/6559829 And good luck getting an Incredible Hulk #181 in CGC 9.4 for less than $15k... What are you seeing?
  5. That is exactly my point. The report is NOT reflecting the update driven changes. It's reporting something else, NOT the update driven changes as you state. My expectation is that it would show changes caused by the latest applied update. It is not...
  6. When this was first introduced, it tracked well with the changes I saw in my dB. Now, it's missing a lot of issues that changed value in my dB, but are not in the report I run right after an update. Examples that changed in my dB, but were not in the report. Alias #1 [Marvel 2001] Aquaman (1st Series) #1 Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey #1 Blade (2nd Series) #1 Examples in the report as changing, but the values in my dB didn't change. The Avengers #Anl 1 Iron Fist #1 Daredevil #8 There are hundreds of more examples of both cases in my collection. At this point, the Top Gainers and Losers report is useless. Why is the report not working anymore? Attached in the setting screen for the report.
  7. Scott, I have been having the same issue for months as well. I have tried switching out my DNS servers (not change). I have bypassed my laptop's FW and removed it completely (no change). I have done a packet capture on my WiFi interface and I see I am sending traffic, but nothing comes back. I got the same troubleshooting advice that wasn't any help either. I am pretty frustrated as well.
  8. Mark, I upgraded to v21.0.1.1671 and ran the Friday update. Everything worked fine, and I got the Top Gainer & Loser report to complete.
  9. I am running 21.0.1671. I can successfully run the Top Gainers & Losers report against my dB. Once I apply today's Content Update and run the report again, I get this error. I have tried rebuilding (selecting 'Series Info', 'List of Owned', 'Item Info' and 'List of Contributors, ...' Still get the same error.
  10. There is something wrong with the pricing of this issue. Tick #1 You can buy a CGC 9.4 for $250 on eBay right now. Atomic Avenue lists it as $1,775 for a raw NM. It's been going up steadily in the weekly updates and I cannot see any reason for it to be this high. Can you check this one?
  11. Post upgrade, Sidekick wouldn't run. dB wouldn't open. Reverted back to v.1570. Don't recommend v.1665 at all!
  12. If the install and update of the dB is going to complete even with these errors, what is the point of stopping the process and waiting for me to click 'ok'. All that does is force me to sit in front of the PC and click my mouse. Seems there could be a way to accept all the errors and let it run.
  13. Got through those errors - about 15 of them. Now getting these.
  14. This error keeps popping up with the first time I opened my dB after an upgrade to .1665 Mark, any idea what to do? Joel
  15. Another large drop in the price for this issue this week. It's about half of what is realistic for a sale of a NM issue now.
  16. After fixing this issue, the last two updates have dropped the value twice. It's now down to $2,175 for a NM issue. Something is not right with the pricing for this issue. Can you investigate?
  17. I just watched a NM copy of Giant-Size X-Men #1 sell for $3,700 on eBay this week. CB currently lists the NM value as $1,400. Can you check on this issue?
  18. The listed NM price for this issue is $44. These are fairly scarce in undamaged, high grade condition. Many suffer from the paper doll dresses getting cut out or drawn on. Can you look into the pricing? (I know you can request this from CB, but it's broken for me and has been for a long time). Queen Size #1
  19. The NM pricing is showing as $2.99. Typically this gets rounded up to $3. Can you check on this issue and see why it's listed as $2.99 #38
  20. Thanks for splitting out the core file installation from the CB application installation. Applying the CB interim patches are much faster now, since I don't have to download and install the core files each time. Much appreciated!
  21. I raised this issue last year. Pete successfully diagnosed the problem last December. I have diligently upgraded CB, but this has still not been fixed. I am surprised since it sounded easy to fix it. Can you tell me when the following will be fixed? Issue: After completing a content update, I print a Collection Report (Report --> Collection Report) to a .pdf. However, starting with the v20.0 version of CB, the printed report "Price" amounts were not reflecting the new selling values. Pete reviewed the issue with me and determined that "When running a Collection Report, the 'Price' column was not being recalculated." Evidently, the "Price" column is really the "Extended Price" which is "Quantity" * "Price". So, if you run a Collection Statistics report after an update, you see that the "Price" values were updated as expected. However, when you run the Collection Report, CB fails to update the "Quantity" * "Price" values prior to printing the report. The only way to force that recalculation of the "Extended Price" to occur: after updating CB, you have to run File --> File Tools --> Rebuild Lists (checking the 'Item Information' box). This is a pain in the rear when you have to do this EVERY week. I have asked repeatedly via email and phone calls over the last eleven months when this will be fixed. I have asked Mark. I have asked Pete. So, one more time: when will this be fixed? Thank you, Joel
  22. I completed the Nov 4th update and there were numerous price changes. When the Nov 5th update came out, after I updated all the price changes reverted back to where they were in the last Oct update. What happened?
  23. Updated to v20.0.3.3829 and Sidekick is working again.
  24. Thanks, I don't use Facebook, so the Forum is how I get my news from ComicBase.
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