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  1. Thanks. That seemed to work. Sadly I still haven't been able to resolve my other problem (different post). 🙂
  2. I've done that before. Still no change. Just did it again right now to see if it'll make a difference. Doesn't look like it, though.
  3. Hello, So, this isn't the end of the world or anything, but I've had the ComicBase Express Software since December 2020, I've entered over six thousand comics into my database, I've done updates many times, etc. Yet so far the only badge showing on my profile is the one for "Welcome Back! Upgrade from an older version of ComicBase." What do I have to do to earn badges on this thing? Thanks!
  4. Here's my theory, if anyone from tech support is reading this: When my ComicBase Express 2021 was purchased, a different email address was used than the one I subsequently changed it to in my account profile. I am wondering if somewhere in ComicBases's system that email address is still associated with the account, and so it isn't accepting the new email address and password when I try to Submit New or Corrected Data. The new email address and password work fine for signing in to get updates, etc. I'm wondering if maybe whatever system controls the Submit New or Corrected Data section on the ComicBase end of things is not recognizing the changed email on my account. Any thoughts?
  5. Yes, I've changed password a couple of times and no change. I have 6,265 comics currently in my database. No badges for these. I am really thinking that ComicBase for some reason doesn't recognize me on their end. Unfortunately I am not knowledgeable enough on computer programming or networking to theorize any better than that.
  6. I also have something else going on, and although on the surface this looks like a separate issue, I am wondering if this problem is related to my inability to connect to the ComicBase server when trying to SUBMIT NEW OR CORRECTED DATA. The additional problem is this -- On my profile screen on ComicBase.com I have only one badge unlocked -- the one you get for updating for the first time. I have used the software for six months now, trying out every feature of ComicBase Express that there is, and yet no other badges have been unlocked. Is it possible that this is also caused by whatever failure to connect to the server has prevented me from submitting new or corrected data? Could someone look into this for me? Perhaps solving this problem will inadvertently solve the original problem as well.
  7. I also am not using a VPN. Still have not had any luck. Different computers, different networks, different security settings, etc. Nothing seems to make any difference. Still getting this error. Very frustrating.
  8. Mark, I just tried this, and again I am getting the exact same result. Any other ideas? I am no computer tech person, but just based on scientific method I believe that the problem is not with the ComicBase software and is not with my security. Is there anything else within the workings of the computer or the network that might be causing this situation? Scott
  9. Well, at least I feel slightly better now, knowing I'm not the only one. Just wish I could find someone somewhere who could figure out the issue and get me a solution.
  10. Well, apparently I need to just give up on this because no one has any idea what else might be causing my troubles. I've even had a buddy of mine who does networking for a living look at it and he can't figure it out either.
  11. Thanks, guys. These answers help. I'd still suggest finding a way to just add more radio buttons or dropdown selections on the various report options, just for how much simpler it would make it, but for now these instructions do assist me in these instances.
  12. Mark, I've exchanged emails with Pete and these are all things he's already suggested and I've already tried. Been having this problem since I first installed the program back in December. I am on the latest version and I've already set ComicBase and Sidekick as allowed programs on my Norton, Windows 10, and router firewalls. I'm thinking there must be some port I have to open or other internal setting I have to change but nobody seems to know how to help me with this. It's extremely baffling and frustrating.
  13. So after a week of zero replies, it's looking to me like nobody has any idea how to help on this issue, eh? Aren't there any computer geeks out there who can help this comic geek get his computer to allow this communication?
  14. One of the big sellers for me on ComicBase was the ability to run collection reports, as well as the appearance of the reports. What I would like to see, however, would be additional ability to customize reports. For example, I like to keep all of my books with a value of $20 or more in a separate longbow from the rest of my collection. There isn't a way to easily run a report of all books with a value of 'xx.xx' at all. Instead, reports are pretty much pre-selected by the programmers. Also, I'd love to be able to print reports to an Excel file, but that isn't an option right now either. Basically, I'd like to have greater ability to customize my reports. Thanks!
  15. Hello, Any time I try to Submit New or Corrected Data, a box immediately pops up that says, "Had trouble connecting to the ComicBase server. Please try again. If the problem persists, make sure your internet connection is working properly, and that ComicBase is added as an allowed program on your firewall." I have the most up-to-date version of ComicBase Express, I have full internet access, ComicBase Express AND ComicBase Sidekick are both listed as allowed programs in my Norton Security firewall, my Windows 10 firewall, and even for good measure in my router's firewall. I have even completely uninstalled my firewall from my computer and re-installed ComicBase with no security protection whatsoever and I am getting the same message. I can successfully download updates and successfully post comics for sale to Atomic Avenue. It just won't let me submit new or corrected data. I also tried bringing my laptop to work and connected to the network there to see if it was a problem on my network at home, but I got the exact same message while on the network there. What makes this an even bigger source of frustration for me is that I've installed ComicBase on both my laptop AND my desktop and tried all of the same things I mention above on both computers. Yet somehow I keep getting the same message. Does anyone have any idea what else I can look into to try to get this to work correctly? Thanks!
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