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  1. Ok, the uninstall/reinstall did the trick. Thank you so much for your time!
  2. Thanks that helps! I just did another image import and there are still no new pictures in those folders. Could this have anything to do with I started with the level below archive and put some issues in and realized I wanted all the covers and upgraded? I didn't delete the base edition just installed archive.
  3. Ok looks like that folder (mine was 48 not sure how to update it either) is almost empty. Just the ones I have pulled down. I have done the download and add multiple times via the install pictures and movies, so I'm not sure what to do so they all import.
  4. The grabbing larger images is working fine. Its the grid not showing ANY of the thumbnails until I click on the row. For every issue of every title i look up (unless I already highlighted the row). Where do I find the complete picture file? I have included 2 screenshots to show what I mean. The first is what it looks like when i search a title, the first book I had already highlighted the row. The second shows what I see if i highlight each row individually. It will pull in the book after a few seconds of waiting.
  5. I have downloaded the smaller files and imported them into the program. But I still have to highlight the whole row before any thumbnail image will show up at all. Is there a way to get the grid to preload everything so I don't have to do this for every cover I want to see? It's incredibly annoying and sometimes takes a bit to populate.
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