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  1. And I think I got it... just kept messing around. Very finicky. One database has the VF-Nm gade and one does not. Very odd. I added the one that does not to the one that does (As that has the most usage of VF-NM) and I changes a few export selections. Seems to be good now. Thanks for everyones help! 😉
  2. Oh I also have a weird "USD" in all the notes on every book imported.
  3. Just to be clear the VF/NM option is completely gone from my choices to select a grade.
  4. Just like title says... I had two Databases going (Both are backed and saved just in case I messed this up) I exported the smaller of the two into a text file and merged the two. Now on my newly combined database I am now missing the VF/NM grade and any comic I had graded that way is blank. I used that grade a lot because for some reason the VF grade price is the same as the NM grade which makes zero sense to me. I'm on Comicbase 21 archive and everything is up to date. Thanks, Gregg
  5. I get this error now when trying to save a report to the web.
  6. Okay...everytime I go to update my reports online (through the comic base program)I get a login error. This seems to happen too often. My login is correct. How do I fix it? I've reset my password, there is no option to add my email instead of a User ID. I've tried to see if i can change my user ID to no avail. Very frustrating as I update my collection frequently and need correct info on the go. The other is when I go to update my database through the Sidekick I get this error(Picture #2) and it says this... Now I couldn't seem to copy and paste the text which I'm sure you need but I will try... but in the meantime little help with these problems?? -Gregg
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