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  1. Okay - solved. I kept hitting "check for updates" until it came back with no updates, and now the comics are there. I ended up "checking for updates" 4 times before the updates got everything
  2. i rebooted clean this morning, clicked the check for updates option, installed an update, then installed the ComicBase 2023 update. then clicked the check for updates option and installed a second comic database update, and the issues are still not available. Picked up about 20 comics from the shop yesterday, and 14 of them failed the UPC scan - read the code but registered no comic. If there is a different way to get a data update, it is well hidden.
  3. having lots of trouble with UPCs and cover title adds for "new" comics. for instance, I have Savage Avengers #4 and 5, but ComicBase only shows that I can enter through #3 and nothing beyond I have A.X.E. Judgement Days #3, 4, and 5, but ComicBase only shows that I can enter #1 and 2 that's 3 month's of comics behind? Do I need to add my own Comic to ComicBase DB through the New Comic Book option, with no guidance on if I have any variants? I can't really be the first one trying to add these comics.
  4. I played with the free version and just randomly entered some stuff I thought I had. Decided I liked the program enough to buy the pro version. I started a new db, then entered save a copy after I had entered a couple thousand comics. After that the app kept telling me "it looks like you are working in a backup, do you want to make this a working copy?" so I kept saying yes make it a dang working copy. the file name was something like "copy of a copy of the DB" THis morning my PC rebooted for a patch, and closed the db. When I reopen, I can't find my current db. Any suggestions on how I find it and keep it as a working copy?
  5. yeah that worked on those. will keep that in mind as I go.
  6. So, I search for "The Weird" and there are no hits. I search for "Berni Wrightson" as artist and I can find "The Weird" listed and add it from the artist list. I search for "The 'Nam" and there are no hits. I search for "Doug Murray" as writer, and can find "The 'Nam" listed under his comics. If the comics are in the DB, why can't I find them by title - I have been entering my comics for about a week now, but this happens a LOT - dozens of times. Some comics take me as much as 15 minutes to find because of the way they are NOT indexed. Do I need to do something to enable better title searching?
  7. ah yes I see - I had no idea the 1-5 meant reprint - I had inferred it was some alternate cover from other issues listed. - still new to comicbase
  8. yes the 1988 reprint but how do i find that in comicbase. If I enter any portion of that title, I see no way to enter a copy
  9. How do I do this? I have one copy, and have spent 30 minutes looking for alternative ways to find and enter the comic but can find nothing
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