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  1. 17 hours ago, Douglas W. McCratic said:

    Agreed, but I prefer the "Book and Record Set" designation.  My rationale is that it actually appears on the cover, making it easier for newbs to find. 

    It also Says "Power Records" with their logo, but it seems that they later changed to "Peter Pan" and also did reprints. The "Book and Record" designation would probably be easier to keep because it is more complete.

  2. I submitted a cover scan for issue #1 a bit back. I had purchased the book at Wal-Mart in one of the DC Multi-Packs. I have now received the regular #1 from my comic supplier and I see that the Wal-Mart book is slightly different. So the cover for issue #1 needs to be renamed #1-B (which is a new issue number I just submitted) and I just uploaded the proper cover scan for the regular #1. Below are the two covers side by side (Left side is the Wal-Mart Book). Also, has different UPC codes.



  3. 20 hours ago, Kaleb Swenson said:

    I figured out how to make a wanted list the following way:

    Report > Item Checklists

    Titles to Print > Titles I own

    Report Items > Items in my collection

    List only wanted items

    This will generate a report of all your Wanted books (those books you have check marked), including titles you have and those you don't have. 

    If you already have an issue it will let you know what you already have or, in my case, show what books you forgot to uncheck after purchase.

    Hope that helps.


    Thanks Kaleb! I will give that a try if the regular way isn't available anymore.


  4. On 6/2/2020 at 12:41 PM, Peter R. Bickford said:

    A Collection Report is by definition, a list of comics in your collection already--it's not the ones you're looking for. The report you likely want is either an Issue Checklist, or a Title Report/Collection Overview.



    Hi Pete,

    The collection report has a checkbox to only show wanted items. This has worked for me before without a problem (even using CB2020). 

    Also, Saw your new video (missed it Live), you did a great job and I subscribed to be able to see your next one. However, I think you need to wear headphones and have your speakers off. When the video was just on you, there was a faint echo in the sound. When you changed to the computer view, the echo was gone.



  5. Using ComicBase 2020 version and Windows 7 Ultimate

    When I try to create a report showing wanted issues I only get two titles showing a single issue each. 

    I have verified that I have quite a few more issues, in various titles, with the wanted checkbox checked.

    The two issues that show up in the report are issues that I have in stock, I'm just looking for better copies.

    I have used this function before without problems, However, it has been awhile, but I was able to do the report using CB2020 before, I just don't know what update caused the problem.

    I have tried to run the report using "titles I own" as well as, "Selected Titles" (selecting ALL titles in CB as well as individual titles that I know have selected wanted issues)

    Anyone else having this problem?

  6. But isn't that the purpose of "corrections"? Only 4 people have it listed as an available issue on Atomic Avenue. If it is corrected in the next update, when CB users look at what is changed, the correction to individual collections can be made.Changes have been made multiple times during updates and I only find out when I go through the update log. So I am having trouble understanding the reasoning behind not making the change

  7. This title, seen here:


    is incorrect. The Indicia of this book is:

    Marvel's Spider-Man: Velocity

    There are other "Gamerverse" titles out there that follow the indicia, such as:




    Why is the Velocity book listed differently?

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