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  1. A followup question, how long does it take for the comicbase website to autogenerate an updated collection report once the new database has been backed up to the cloud? I uploaded on May 1, and now on May 6th I'm still seeing my old report from last year.
  2. Thank you! This worked perfectly! You're awesome!
  3. It's the 2015 version, I'm just so used to thinking I have 10 I just typed that. I haven't been too active in collecting for the past few years. It still works pretty well for my needs.
  4. I'm using Comicbase 10 and trying to backup my database to the cloud via sidekick. When I try to do this, I'm asked for my user id and password. I enter it, but it keeps getting rejected and I get the message, "Check your user ID/email and password, then try again." I know I'm using the correct info because I can manually log into my account on the website to access my old cloud backup. I just can't update it through sidekick. Is there anything I can do?
  5. I'm running Comicbase 2015 and trying to open an older database. The program won't open the database until it is "upgraded". During the process I keep getting this error - "Run time error ' -2147217865 (80040e37)': The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query 'Years', Make sure it exists and that it's name is spelled correctly." Is there any way to fix this, so that I don't lose all my old data?
  6. Thanks for your reply and all the help in the past. However this situation kind of sucks. This product is barely 5 years old and a major component (Sidekick) no longer works with Windows 10, but your company no longer supports it? Your only solution is to buy the "new" version. That doesn't sound like an incentive for me to continue supporting your company after having spent over $100 for the software in the first place.
  7. I'm getting the following error message when I start Sidekick - "Comicbase Sidekick may not be installed properly....Can't get settings: Configuration system failed to initialize." When I try to save to the cloud, I get this error: Unhandled exceptions has occurred in your application....Configuration system failed to initialize." This is a new re-install of Comicbase 2015. I did a clean re-install of Windows 10 and then reinstalled my Comicbase and started getting these errors. Any ideas for how to fix this?
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