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  1. Thanks @Steve Adelson I was able to update as well. Still some lingering issues (main app and sidekick will not connect to the CB servers) but upgrade is done and program opens.
  2. Thanks Steven, I'm in no rush so I'll sit tight for day or two and try again. Apricate all the help and responses!
  3. Still the same issues on my end. I'll check back tomorrow. Only bummer is I'm locked out of 2022 and 2023 for now since my activation is not triggering.
  4. Figured it must be something like that but it was the program itself that prompted me to update and the website is promoting it as being live. I'll give it some time... 🙂
  5. I'm having a similar issue. Archive user but only seeing Professional to download and for some reason two instances with different serials. Also updated via the program from 2022 to 2023 and now once logging on to activate nothing happens and program will not launch
  6. My settings are the same as the above and I'm seeing the same issue exactly as Steven describes.
  7. The magazines are already in the database (Amazing Heroes) . I'm just looking to add QTY.
  8. Agreed and this was my assumption (Cost = What I've paid). To answer Mark, my settings are Cover Price with 25% discount.
  9. Hi all, recently went to input a group of magazines for the 1st times and noticed about 90% of the magazine titles in the DB have values in the cost field. These are magazines that have a Qty of zero and have never been entered into the database. Is there a quick way to clean this up? I'm running v20.0.2.3433. Thanks,
  10. Thanks for the update. I assume exporting a PDF and keeping that on the phone would be the workaround for now.
  11. Just checking as I updated to build 3297 and still cannot to include cover images when saving to the web. Thanks,
  12. I use the Item checklist (Comic Book) report to create a custom "wanted" list. Previewing & printing the report include the cover thumbnails images. When saving to the web they do not. All of my auto generated reports have cover images when viewing online. 2020 Archive Edition v20.0.2.3162
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