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  1. Not a CB 2021 issue, as I noticed it in CB 2020, although I don't know when it started happening.  When typing appearances, psychic typing isn't coming up with characters that have parenthesis included, so Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) isn't showing up automatically.

  2. I had been sorting by title and issue number.  But, as I'm actively collecting Silver Age Action Comics and Superman as well as the current issues, it is a hassle to shift everything.  I've recently started pulling all Superman related comics into separate boxes.  That should, hopefully, reduce the amount of shifting that needs to happen.  I also agree on the comments about mylar, I'm slowly replacing all may bags with mylar, as well as making sure the boards are true acid free.

  3. On 1/8/2020 at 7:11 AM, Jeff Kolker said:

    I do miss that feature. 

    You could also select all the record and then mark them.  Then print a report using the marked records only.  Then unmark all the records after you're done with them. 

    The Item Checklist works.  I've tried Collection Report, but it does not seem to pick up on the marked records. 

    I keep getting an index out of range error in Collection Report no matter what options I use.  For me Item Checklist works for either Wanted or Marked issues, but not both (I use marked on my wanted issues to pare down a weekly shopping list).  Find gets me the list I need.  Would prefer a print option from the find, but good to know that I can copy and paste the find results elsewhere.

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