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  1. Not sure how or why, but most of my grading setup conditions for grading companies are gone.  I don't have CGC, CBCS or PGX standard grades.  Is there any way to add the grades and % of NM values easily?  If not, is there a chart showing what the standard %'s for each one are?

  2. On the "Add by barcode" window, can it be changed - or have added - the total cost of books being added?  Currently, it has total cover price.  I like to make sure I've got the price paid entered correctly, and being able to compare the cost on my sales receipt to this screen would be *very* helpful.  It was there in previous versions, BTW.



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  3. You can add custom grades and percentages.  ComicBase makes valuations based on a % of their NM pricing.  For instance, CGC 9.0 is 160% of the value of a NM non-graded book.  If you want to add a SS grade, simply go to Setup/Grading, and click on the green + to add a new grade.  Example is for a 25% premium for SS over the CGC Universal grade.  You'll have to do some math, but it should give you what you want.  FYI: The percentages that CB uses for 9.8 grades can be wildly off base.  My 9.8 NM 98 shows a price of $6,800, which is 1200% of the NM price they list of $570 for the book.  I *wish* I could sell mine for that!


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  4. Looks like there are a number of Free Comic Book Day issues that have been added to this title, which is listed as a magazine.  There should be a separate title for Comic Book, as the FCBD issues are comic books, not magazines.

    The years that are listed under the magazine title are FCBD 2010, 2011, 2017, 2018 and 2019.


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