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  1. Yeah - So I definitely don't want my Notes information, including variant details being moved from a field that is currently being sent to Atomic Ave to a field that is not. That would be a major issue as I don't want all that information disappearing from my listings. I've spent a lot of time customizing the information about the books, 1st appearances, etc. that aren't in ComicBase's core product and that are in that Notes field to lose all of that information on my store listings.

    Sounds like this wasn't well thought through from a joint ComicBase/Atomic Avenue standpoint. I totally get wanting to separate specific book information like cover artist/ratio variant/etc. from general inside-the-book stuff like 1st appearance, but there needs to be more flexibility for those of us who take time cultivating the information for our store to differentiate our listings from others who may also be selling. 

  2. 17 minutes ago, Steven L. Dasinger said:

    There is also a 'Lock Price' check box when you edit an Issue. It is on the 'Other' tab.

    This does not work. I just tried it. I had Lock Price and then I changed the Condition from 'Very Fine to Near Mint' to just 'Very Fine' and it replaced my price with some generic price. I had like $25 on the book and that change took the book to $6...... If I had not been watching I would have updated my store with that $6 price. So while perhaps Lock Price might prevent the auto update of the price to the value when importing in new values, it does NOT lock the price when you change the condition. Super frustrating for me and for customers when I can't fulfill the order at the super low price ComicBase changed it to.

  3. Thanks for the response.

    As for prices, I couldn't care less about the Values. They are so inaccurate (especially for modern books) so I don't even display those on my version of comicBase. All I care about are the amounts in the Price column that flow to Atomic Ave. I've had the system update my Prices (often times because the Condition changes and the system then changes my Price without asking me first) and then someone thinks they are going to buy a $100 book for $3.99 because the ComicBase value was $3.99. I can't have that happen because it just results in me getting a bad review on my store. Sounds like I'm fine with having Value change but not price so I'll have to UNCHECK "Update selling Prices to match Guide Value."


    As for Item Description, I have some questions:

    - What is the point of Item Description field?

    - How does it differ from the Notes field?

    - How does Item Description interact with Atomic Avenue? 

    - Have there been any changes to interactions with Atomic Ave for the Notes field or the Grading Notes field?

  4. Hello - I've upgraded to the new version and was presented with various options after install. I have heavily customized my Notes field and set all my own prices. I'm wondering what I can select in the new options that won't completely ruin all the work I've put in for my Notes Fields. Its to the point where I don't want ComicBase to touch any of that data. 

    Also, I sell on Atomic Ave and want my specific notes and Grading notes to come through on my store, so are there any impacts there?

    Anyone with experience with this, and especially anyone from ComicBase who can speak authoritatively on these topic, appreciate your input. Thanks.

  5. Looks like the most recent update to v21.0.0.1174 broke copy and paste. You can click a cell generally, copy, then past that over another cell. BUT apparently you can no longer click into a cell, select part of the contents, use ctrl-C, then go to another cell and paste that partial copy into the cell. 

    I literally used that partial copy and paste functionality every day so taking away this ability is debilitating. Please return the functionality.


  6. You're right, there used to be a way you could custom script a search so it gave you certain books in a certain order. I'm no longer seeing that option. I had various custom searches/scripts saved that I would use to look up books for a given year range (i.e. 1956-1970 for silver age, etc.). It wasn't very user friendly, but if you played with it you could get the search/report you wanted. 

     Where did that functionality go?

  7. Yup. ComicCollectorLive has this feature on their website. Anyone can go in and see past sales, at each grade. What I don't like is they don't give you the actual sale date; which we all know plays a huge role. Just because a book sold 2 years ago for $100 does not mean its worth $100 today. Seems like a pretty basic feature to add as my guess is Atomic Ave keeps track of the sales date, grade and price paid. Would be nice if they went a step further and prorated any shipping and taxes paid by the buyer and applied to the order so we can see the real price.

  8. Yes, I really dislike the fact I have to click to the left. I would happily give up the free-form selection of cells, which seems of very limited value in favor of being able to go back to selecting a cell and having that be the active record. I haven't heard of any significant number of users that like the free-form selection over the general row selection. 

    Perhaps Comicbase should send out a survey to get the user base's feelings on this and other things.....

  9. I bought heavy duty storage wracks at Sam's Club that can fit 5 longboxes per shelf and each unit has 4 shelves (plus a top shelf for light stuff - don't recommend loading that with longboxes, though).

    I initially started ordering everything alphabetically, but I acquired many longboxes worth of comics after that so keeping things alphabetical no longer worked well. So I went to a numbered box format. When I am ready to inventory new acquisitions, I document them in ComicBase and assign a box number in the Grading Notes field. That way, when someone buys, the box number appears on the invoice, I can print the invoice and use it to find the book in the numbered box. I organize the books in each numbered box alphabetically so its easy for me to find each book in each box. I also have show stock (i.e. longboxes I take to shows) and I notate that show stock indicator in ComicBase as well in the Grading Notes field so if I sell one of those books online I can go to my show stock and find it. All of my show stock is alphabetized with the exception of some books broken out by cover artist or author.

    I also assign a grade to every book I list on Atomic Avenue, so most of my books have an actual 10 point number grade (using Overstreet and CGC as my general guide). Those grades are stored on the Grading Notes of ComicBase and on a little sticker on each bagged/boarded comic. Assigning grades is totally a personal decision and I do it because I love grading comics and I want my customers to get what they are expecting. 

    Best of luck!

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