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  1. According to the database, issues 5 and 6 are listed with three items apiece but there should only be two items for each issue (as there are with issues 1 to 4). The first four issues are identified as #1, #1/A, #2, #2/A, #3, #3/A, #4 and #4/A. Issue 5 displays #5, #5/A and #5/B while issue 6 displays #6, #6/A and #6/B. IDW has only been selling these books with 2 covers--a main cover and a retailer incentive--and the inside front cover of issue 5 only shows 2 covers (the main cover by Sweeney Boo and the RI cover by Megan Levens). I attempted to use the "Submit new or corrected data" feature (as recommended for changes not requiring "discussion") but when I did, the pop-up window that came up simply "thanked me" for the update (although I didn't actually submit any actual information to explain the data correction). So, basically, my question is "How do you actually correct faulty information?" In this case, it's particularly hard to figure out as #5/A is displaying in red text, indicating an increase in value but ONLY for that one book and I don't know if the increase in value is actually supposed to be for #5, the main cover, or for the "real" #5/A which would be the retailer incentive cover. Edit to add: I just noticed the same red text is displaying for the #6/A (even though the issue, as far as I know, hasn't yet shipped).
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