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  1. Hello - The below issues have not been updated with the final covers. Checkmate (3rd Series) #6 from DC (atomicavenue.com) Robin (4th Series) #8 from DC (atomicavenue.com) Blue & Gold #4 from DC (atomicavenue.com) Thanks,
  2. Hello - The Who's Who Omnibus is categorize under Books, but as this is a hard cover edition of collected comics, shouldn't it be categorized under comic books? Who’s Who Omnibus books from DC (atomicavenue.com)
  3. Attached is a scan of the cover. Thank you.
  4. Hello - Can you please add the below variant for Batgirls # 1 to the database? Batgirls #1 - Dan Mora - Exclusive Cover DC Comics NM 2021 & A B C D E – Glass Cabinet Hobbies Thank you.
  5. Hello - Issue 1 and its variants are missing for the title below. Batgirls comic books from DC (atomicavenue.com)
  6. That did the trick. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi - The following issues are missing the final covers. Robin (4th Series) #8 from DC (atomicavenue.com) Blue & Gold #4 from DC (atomicavenue.com) Checkmate (3rd Series) #6 from DC (atomicavenue.com) Batman: Urban Legends #9 Variation A from DC (atomicavenue.com) Batman: Urban Legends #9 Variation B from DC (atomicavenue.com) The Joker (3rd Series) #9 from DC (atomicavenue.com) The Joker (3rd Series) #9 Variation A from DC (atomicavenue.com) Detective Comics #1045 from DC (atomicavenue.com) Aquaman/Green Arrow—Deep Target #2 from DC (atomicavenu
  8. I do see a Comic Base Cover Gallery in that folder.
  9. Hello - I uninstalled both and reinstalled the program and still do not see the screen saver option.
  10. Hello - I re-installed the software using the new revision but I still don't see the screen saver option.
  11. I just upgraded to Archive Edition 2022 but the screen saver is now gone. It is also no longer available in the change screen saver screen in Windows. Is this no longer an offered feature?
  12. Hello - I'm currently not able to download the artwork for the Wonder Woman: Black & Gold title. Everything else works, just not this one. Wonder Woman: Black & Gold comic books from DC (atomicavenue.com) Thanks, John
  13. Hello - The title per the indicia for the below book should be Batman: Fear State: Alpha Batman: Fear State Alpha comic books from DC (atomicavenue.com) Also, the cover for the issue below is not the final cover. There was a word balloon added in the final version. Catwoman (5th Series) #34 from DC (atomicavenue.com) Thank you!
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