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  1. Hello - Attached is the variant cover for Hawkman (5th Series) # 25 https://atomicavenue.com/issue/964735/Hawkman-5th-Series-25A The final covers for issues 14/A, 20/A, 21/A, 22/A, 23/A and 24/A are also missing. However, I don't have scans of those. Thanks,
  2. Attached is a scan of the cover for the issue at the below link. https://atomicavenue.com/issue/738320/Wonder-Woman-Rebirth-1C
  3. Hello - Can you add the variant covers at the link below for Batman: The Adventures Continue # 1. There are two different versions: A Classic Logo Variant and an Homage Variant. Thanks. https://eastsidecomics.com/products/batman-the-adventures-continue-1-warren-louw-12-harley-quinn-homage-variants
  4. Hello - Can you add the below variant cover for Dark Nights: Death Metal # 1. Thanks. https://unknowncomicbooks.com/products/dark-nights-death-metal-1-of-6-unknown-comics-kael-ngu-exclusive-wonder-woman-var-05-13-2020?_pos=16&_sid=442a8acf2&_ss=r
  5. Hello - Birds of Prey (5th Series) and Birds of Prey (6th Series) are actually the same and can be combined. This was originally announced as an ongoing series but was cancelled and came out this week as one issue. Thanks.
  6. I don't have any scans myself, but below are some links to ebay auctions that are selling them: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Action-Comics-1-Exclusive-Tony-Daniel-Fan-Expo-Convention-Acetate-Variant-NM/114198783376?hash=item1a96c72590:g:YZYAAOSw3TNeowna https://www.ebay.com/itm/DETECTIVE-COMICS-27-EXCLUSIVE-FAN-EXPO-VARIANT-TONY-DANIELS-9-6-9-8/293099828034?hash=item443e1c7342:g:ZOoAAOSwh~5c5cUW https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sensation-Comics-1-Fan-Expo-Con-Exclusive-Convention-2017-Phil-Jimenez/114166120524?hash=item1a94d4c04c:g:sBkAAOSw2j5ehMPP https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sensation-Comics-1-Fan-Expo-Con-Exclusive-Acetate-Convention-2017-Jimenez-NM/113848564072?hash=item1a81e73968:g:ZxwAAOSwLVNdTZvb https://www.ebay.com/itm/ACTION-COMICS-1-REPRINT-TONY-DANIEL-CONVENTION-EXCLUSIVE-COLOR-VIRGIN-SUPERMAN/124167373666?hash=item1ce8f3c362:g:PSQAAOSwymtephcq https://www.ebay.com/itm/Detective-Comics-27-Fan-Expo-Jason-Fabok-Virgin-B-W-Acetate-NM/383147895519?hash=item593564eadf:g:g2kAAOSwDSldeaQk https://www.ebay.com/itm/Detective-Comics-27-Fan-Expo-Acetate-Variant-2-Book-Set-Fabok/293561371530?hash=item44599f0b8a:g:OIIAAOSwh4BeLkoJ
  7. Hello - I'm trying to find the 2017 Fax Expo exclusive comics from DC in the database. They are reprints of Action Comics # 1, Detective Comics # 27 and Sensation Comics #1 with new covers by Tony Daniel, Jason Fabok and Phil Jimenez, respectively. I believe there were several variants of each (color, black & white, acetate and virgin). How would these be listed or do they need to be added? Thanks!
  8. okay, thank you! I know it used to have cover images in the report unless that changed. Thanks again.
  9. Hello - When I run the Item Checklist report it does not include cover images even though I select the cover size. Am I doing something wrong or is there possibly a bug with the report? Thanks.
  10. I don't see the Jim Lee variant retailer incentive covers for Wonder Woman 750 from Torpedo comics listed under Wonder Woman (1st Series). There were 9 cover variants sold at the link below. https://torpedocomics.com/collections/wonder-woman-750
  11. The below covers have not been updated with final artwork: https://atomicavenue.com/issue/948838/Batgirl-5th-Series-41A https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/951732/1/Batman-Beyond-6th-Series-39-Variation-A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/954483/Justice-League-Odyssey-17A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/953977/Batman-Beyond-6th-Series-40A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/954637/Teen-Titans-6th-Series-38A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/954043/Flash-The-5th-Series-87A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/956584/Justice-League-Odyssey-18A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/956578/Justice-League-4th-Series-40A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/954625/Superman-5th-Series-19A - wrong cover https://atomicavenue.com/issue/946245/Batman-and-the-Outsiders-3rd-Series-5A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/948850/Batman-and-the-Outsiders-3rd-Series-7A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/953971/Batman-and-the-Outsiders-3rd-Series-9A Thanks!
  12. This is a weird one. The scan that downloads for the below issue looks like it's incomplete. There's a brown part at the bottom where the artwork cuts off. However, the artwork at the first link below is fine. I think the thumbnail artwork is what is being downloaded (second link). Birds of Prey Giant # 1 https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/959039/1/Birds-of-Prey-Giant-1 https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/series/64386/1/Birds-of-Prey-Giant
  13. Same thing is happening with the below issue, which is new this week: Batman (3rd Series) #87 https://atomicavenue.com/issue/953968/Batman-3rd-Series-87
  14. Covers for the below issues are not downloading final artwork (even though Atomic Avenue shows final artwork). Also, many of the scans seem to be of poor quality. This is an issue that I've been noticing a lot lately especially with variant covers. Will these eventually be updated with better scans? Doomsday Clock #12 Variation A https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/951930/1/Doomsday-Clock-12-Variation-A The Flash (5th Series) #81 Variation A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/948949/Flash-The-5th-Series-81A The Flash (5th Series) #82 Variation A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/948951/Flash-The-5th-Series-82A Action Comics #1015 Variation A https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/946188/1/Action-Comics-1015-Variation-A Action Comics #1016 Variation A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/948807/Action-Comics-1016A Action Comics #1018 Variation A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/951666/Action-Comics-1018A Batman (3rd Series) #85 Variation A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/951728/Batman-3rd-Series-85A Batman (3rd Series) #86 Variation A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/953967/Batman-3rd-Series-86A Detective Comics #1012 Variation A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/946325/Detective-Comics-1012A Detective Comics #1013 Variation A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/948916/Detective-Comics-1013A Detective Comics #1018 Variation A https://atomicavenue.com/issue/951890/Detective-Comics-1018A
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