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    Bringing this back to the top.  The covers in the original post are still missing from April.


    Also, adding the below missing covers as well from the second week of June

    Batman (3rd Series) # 124 Batman (3rd Series) #124 from DC (atomicavenue.com)

    Batman Beyond: Neo-Year # 3 Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #3 from DC (atomicavenue.com)

    Dark Crisis # 1 Dark Crisis #1 from DC (atomicavenue.com)

    Dark Crisis # 1 Variation H Dark Crisis #1 Variation H from DC (atomicavenue.com)

    Nubia: Queen of the Amazons # 1 Nubia: Queen of the Amazons #1 from DC (atomicavenue.com)

    Flashpoint Beyond # 2 Flashpoint Beyond #2 from DC (atomicavenue.com)


  2. Hello - The final cover art is missing for the below issues:

    Task Force Z # 6 Task Force Z #6 from DC (atomicavenue.com)

    Deathstroke Inc. # 7 Deathstroke Inc. #7 from DC (atomicavenue.com)

    Aquaman/Green Arrow - Deep Target # 6 Variation A Aquaman/Green Arrow—Deep Target #6 Variation A from DC (atomicavenue.com)

    Robin (4th Series) # 12 Robin (4th Series) #12 from DC (atomicavenue.com)

    Robin (4th Series) # 12 Variation A Robin (4th Series) #12 Variation A from DC (atomicavenue.com)

    Detective Comics # 1055 Variation A Detective Comics #1055 Variation A from DC (atomicavenue.com)

    Wonder Woman (1st Series) #785 Variation B Wonder Woman (1st Series) #785 Variation B from DC (atomicavenue.com)



  3. Hello - The issues below do not have the final covers.  These covers were modified or changed slightly from when the initial preliminary covers were released.

    Robin (4th Series) #3 from DC (atomicavenue.com)  - Figure no longer in shadow / Text on cover changed

    Justice League (4th Series) #63 from DC (atomicavenue.com) - Text on cover changed

    Superman (5th Series) #32 from DC (atomicavenue.com) - Text on cover changed

    Teen Titans Academy #4 from DC (atomicavenue.com) - Text on cover changed

    Detective Comics #1038 from DC (atomicavenue.com) - Names of creators changed

    Wonder Woman (1st Series) #774 from DC (atomicavenue.com) - Names of creators changed

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