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  1. Hello - It looks like the DC Nation series from 2018 is categorized under the Magazine section, but the 0 issue (and variants) of this series was actually a comic book from Free Comic Book Day with original content.  The subsequent issues were magazine type previews and such, but can the "0" issues be shown in the comic book section?

  2. Hello - I'm trying to find the 2017 Fax Expo exclusive comics from DC in the database.  They are reprints of Action Comics # 1, Detective Comics # 27 and Sensation Comics #1 with new covers by Tony Daniel, Jason Fabok and Phil Jimenez, respectively.  I believe there were several variants of each (color, black & white, acetate and virgin).  How would these be listed or do they need to be added?


  3. This is a weird one.  The scan that downloads for the below issue looks like it's incomplete.  There's a brown part at the bottom where the artwork cuts off.  However, the artwork at the first link below is fine.  I think the thumbnail artwork is what is being downloaded (second link).

    Birds of Prey Giant # 1



  4. Hello - I had opened up a topic in the old forum about having issues with downloading artwork.  For some reason, some issues only download preliminary art even though the final artwork is on Atomic Avenue.  I was able to figure out that while the artwork in the main link for the issue is the final artwork, the thumbnail on the series link still has the preliminary artwork.  I think this is what is causing the issue.  See the two examples below.

    Detective Comics #1014

    https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/series/17360/1/Detective-Comics  --> thumbnail for issue 1014 is still old artwork.


    Lois Lane (2nd Series) #5


    https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/series/62412/1/Lois-Lane-2nd-Series  --> thumbnail for issue 5 is incorrect.


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