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  1. Thank you, Steven- This certainly looks like what I have, but I still can't find it in the CB db so I can enter it into my collection. When I type "Action Comics #1 (5th printing) " into title bar, it shows no results. What is the info I need to enter to find this in CB? I don't use Atomic Avenue for anything, so don't know how to 'copy it' from there to my collection. Thanks for your help. ~Pat
  2. Hi there. I am almost finished entering my collection (!) but, ironically, cannot find this one anywhere in CBdb: I have a mint copy of a REPRINT of Action Comics#1 from June, 1938 (would that I had the original- hahahahaaa!) This one was published in 1988, cover price 50 cents. It has a barcode, but it won't scan from my phone. Checked indicia, Can;t find it anywhere, can anyone tell me where to find this in db? Thanks all, ~Pat
  3. thank you Gregory and Mark, but last question, just to be sure, my cover says June and CBdb says July, so I can enter and correct both data elements, but to be sure this is the right thing to do? And to let you all know about this 'error'. Thanks.
  4. Hello- I have a near-mint issue of Mighty Marvel Western (featuring Rawhide Kid Matt Slade Two-Gun Kid. Issue number 32/June My cover has a price of 25 cents. The CB database shows Issue 32 as 20 cents/July 1974. Please advise , what is the correct info/where can I find this? Have checked indicia info and searched as many ways as I could, but no success. Thanks for your help. Best regards, Pat
  5. HI, Letting you know that my copy of Richie Rich Diamonds, #29 (.40) has a cover date of April, but CB database says March. I entered it using my cover date, but wanted you to know about the error. Thanks and happy holidays! --Pat
  6. Hello, Last one for now, letting you know the following. I used cover date, but thought a correction should be submitted. 1) Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen, # 163, cover says MAR, CB says 2/1/74 Thanks much, Pat
  7. Great, thanks for the info and your help. Processing along here, with only several hundred left to go! Best, Pat
  8. Hello, can someone please advise correct dates to use, and answer questions below that re : barcode box containing non barcode content ? 1) Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, # 162- cover says Jan, CD says 12/1/73, Indicia says DEC-JAN 1973 2) Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane # 136- cover says Feb, CB says Jan, Indicia says JAN- FEB 1974 3) QUESTION: I have a near mint copy of The New Mutants #58, DEC. My copy has a rectangular box which contains the barcode, but the cover pictured in CB has text in the box instead, it says " The Fall of the Mutants Is Coming". Does this matter, is it considered some kind of variant? Please advise. 4) SAme question for: Alpha Flight Annual #2, 1987 cover price $1.25 my copy has the 'The Fall of the Mutants is Coming!' in the barcode box, not the barcode. Thank you, please also submit corrections as needed to CB. Appreciate your help, Pat
  9. thanks again, Steven. Your support is very helpful. The additional info is great, since I do have several in this series, so will double check all. Best, P
  10. Hello again, Just want to be sure my db is accurate: My Near Mint issue of Wonder Woman # 222 has a cover date of March , inidica says Feb-March 1976. CB has it listed as FEB. Can you please confirm that it should be entered as March? Thanks, sorry if this is picayune, just want to be sure I'm entering all correctly. Thank you, Pat
  11. thank you, Steven. I appear to have another as well. Do you prefer if I start a new thread each time, or add to this existing one? I appreciate your prompt assistance, makes the entry much smoother. Best, Pat
  12. Hello, I am trying to enter the following Near Mint issue into my Cbase collection, have found another one where cover price does not match what is in the CB db: Marvel Two-in-One, featuring the Thing. Issue # 96. My comic has cover price of .60, however CB db shows cover price of .75 Even the scan from my phone clearly shows the cover with correct price, but the Cost field shows .75 The Storyline is 'Visiting Hours' Please advise, thank you.
  13. Thank you for your reply, Steven. I will correct the price for my entry in my collection, and yes, would appreciate it if you could submit the correction . Best regards, Pat
  14. Hello, I am trying to enter the following Fine issue into my Cbase collection: Superboy starring The Legion of Super-heroes, #206, February as per cover (indicia says Jan-Feb, 1975) However, no matter how I search for it, I keep getting this issue number with a price of .20, however the cover clearly says .25. The Storyline is the same: The Legionnaires Who Haunted Superboy. I'll try to attach photo so you can see what I mean. Please advise, thank you.
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