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  1. This IS within a report screen. Again, I am using CB 2020 Blu-Ray Archive edition (ver., and you appear to be talking about CB 2017. The button disappeared when the transition to 2020 edition occurred.
  2. I am currently using the Blu-Ray Archive edition. Before the transition to ComicBase 2020 (from ComicBase 2017), I was able to generate my (various) reports on "selected titles", and within the "selected titles" menu there was a "find" button I was able to use to narrow down the lists by publisher (e.g. all titles with "Dell" as publisher). That button has since been removed from the report menus and I am pretty darn inconvenienced by this since it is completely infeasible to go through and select every single series in the menu.
  3. Publisher reports of missing issues was the primary way I was using reporting in the previous versions. I would use this to take to shows as I searched to complete my collection. Such reports are absent in version 20.0.2. How can I generate such a report in version 20.0.2? If it is not currently possible, when will this be available again? In the interim, how do I export the data required to be able to generate such a report in an external database tool? If I can get the data out, my son was willing to import the data to try to generate a similar report using queries in another database.
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