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  1. I know with this many variants and most are virgin copies of a trade dress, seems to be a few with the wrong cover pictured. There is one variant missing that I noticed, a Virgin variant of https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/1062072/1/XMen-6th-Series-1-Variation-V The ones with wrong pictures that I'm aware of are: #35 should be #36 should be #38 should be
  2. Hi, X-Men 5th series #12 (2020) has J Scott Campbell variants listed (Variants B to O, which are actually Uncanny X-Men 5th series (2019) (already in list). Screenshot below. There are also a number of variants for X-Men 5th series # 12 that are not yet listed on the database. Attached pictures of all but the Momoko virgin cover. Colossus cover 75960609466001231 Psylocke Cover 75960609466001216 Mark Brooks 75960609466001261 Mark Brooks Virgin 75960609466001271 Peach Momoko 75960609466001281 Peach Momoko Virgin 75960609466001291 I believe there are virgin ones of the Colossus and Psylocke which I don't own, rest I have in hand.
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