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  1. Build 1240 seems solved the problem. I tried jumping to variant issues on numerous titles and all worked. As Steve said the match must be exact. Thanks for the help,
  2. I am using CB 2021 Professional V2.
  3. Hello, I love the F3 Jump feature but I have a question. With so many comics having variants how do I jump to the issue number desired? For example Spawn. Issue "296/A" is the only listing . There is no "296". Entering jump information of "296/A" doesn't work. Nor does any variation of that. At least not that I can find. There are getting to be more and more comics that there isn't an issue without a letter. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank You Steven, Everything is working perfectly now.
  5. I have installed all of the windows updates my computer has suggested. Computer is a one month old laptop and then downloaded the update for Comicbase Professional. The program reports my version now as V2. Program seems to be working fine however I wanted to check for updates to data and I get this error message: I can click continue an carry on but would like to get updates weekly as previously. If anyone has ideas on what could wrong, I am very interested to find out. Thank You,
  6. Last successful update for weekly update of title and issues was 12/16. The update process starts alright today and starts updating titles and then I get Operator '<>" is not defined for string ** and type "DBNull". At this point the update does not continue. Any thoughts or ideas of what to do would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello, I am a long time user and I am having trouble figuring out how to update mutiple issue numbers to owned. Help!
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