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  1. Gregory, you da man! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Before I saw your latest reply, I exported to Excel and found the offending issue that way. All appears to be fixed now.
  2. Intriguing idea Gregory but note how the snapshot shows that I have 10, 355 unique issues. I believe that to be the correct size of my collection. So, it seems the program knows I have that many issues but for some reason is not reflecting it correctly in the one "Value Range" row. If I did want to investigate your suggestion, any idea how to easily find an individual issue with an improbably high quantity count?
  3. Collection Statistics and other reports on my collection show what I believe to be correct numbers for every category except the "Between $10 and $24.99". In that category it shows that I own every issue of every comic; all 49 million+ issues worth $514 million and change (I wish). I'm on Comicbase verion: v Anybody have any idea what's going on here and how I can fix? Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Thanks Steven. I don't ever recall seeing watermarks on the covers. Just looked and still don't see any. Regarding the option to replace smaller scans, I'm assuming that option appears when you choose to install the covers file. I have noticed that despite weekly covers download that yes sometimes there are missing covers and you have to request the cover (or range of covers) to download manually.
  5. Each year I get the new Archive update. After updating my CB to the latest version, I always wonder if I should download and install the 4 large covers files. Of course, I did it the first time many years ago and get the new covers with weekly updates. So, is there any point to re-downloading and installing the latest version of the main covers files? Will it replace existing covers I have with new or better quality scans? Can anyone answer? Thanks.
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