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  1. In looking at the title "Flashback (1968-1975)," there's a lot going on here that needs attention. The publisher wasn't "Special" it was Alan Light according to the indicia. It's an American series, not Canadian as indicated in the listing. Mr. Light was based in Moline, Illinois. There are no actual cover prices but there are ads in the book to order other editions at $3 each or 4 for $10. This probably needs a price check as well. While $85 seems high for the first issue, $3 is a fantastic price for the rest of the books. I can't recall ever having seen a copy of any of these for less
  2. I just looked at the update and see that Red Sonja: The Superpowers #1 has seen some changes since I submitted it. There are currently 31 variants of this book and I am confident that there are at least an additional 5 variants but I'm still working to confirm them. I used the Variation A, Printing X system to enter them because I knew of 28 variants when I started and none of those include the so called "CGC Covers" that are included in the update. Unlike Dynamic Forces, there is no such thing as a CGC variant. This is a regular copy of the book that has been graded, it's an option for or
  3. Deleting the reports in mobile appears to have worked and I have online access to my current db. I still have the option of choosing databases with no information attached to them. I tried removing the databases themselves to no avail. Do I need to do it from somewhere other than the CB site?
  4. Progress has been made! The 2021 db appears to be correct on the mobile feature. The 2020 is unchanged. I'm attempting to delete the reports currently on mobile and start over.
  5. We're halfway home. The 2021 database updated and is available on mobile. Still nothing on the 2020db. I changed the names of the uploads to match the databases and once I did that 2021 worked. I downloaded the new content update and I'm up to $498,515. Unfortunately, I didn't think to check the values before updating.
  6. The Complete Collection 2021 was added last night and showed up but had no information in it apparently. I've used the "Save to Web" function repeatedly but haven't seen the updates on the Mobile Reports. The other two databases have been in use for quite awhile. I'll have to look tonight to see if they're associated with SK. Thank you!
  7. Also, in trying to get a new report up and running, I exported all my current data and imported it into a new database. There were some issues with fields not found in the new database which I worked around, but the real concern is that my collection lost about $1500 in value in the database that I imported and when I went back to confirm the data where I had exported it, it now matches the new database. Again, probably not something I would have caught but I just tipped the scales at a value of $500,000 so it stood out. I'm now down to $498,500 or so. The most recent higher value books ar
  8. I'm having some trouble using Mobile Reports. Nothing I do updates my collection and adding a new collection only gets me this message "No reports are available for that database. ComicBase Pro and Archive users can use the Save to Web command under Reports to generate these." The database I have been using was last updated on 9/22/19. I honestly probably still would not have noticed it to be so old had I not tried to look up a couple of specific recent issues. I have had Sidekick save to the web and done the same in CB under reports but nothing changes. Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. No problem with the program itself, but I have problems when I try to download the pictures. Instead of the download simply beginning, I am taken to another site, http://www.mediafire.com/file/xfup7q8qsqrjoua/Pictures_1.zip/file which is kind of spammy. Is this the new way to download pics?
  10. I have been unable to update my db, getting the message "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately. SQ: logic error no such table" Update_ComicIssues See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box. ************** Exception Text ************** code = Error (1), message = System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException (0x800007BF): SQL logic error no such table: Update
  11. I have tried to keep up with all of the FCBD issues, pulling together a set each year. I always struggled to get them organized to suit me in ComicBase but with the CB2020, there is a great way to do it while leaving each of them in their respective titles. In reality, it would have worked all along, but I can be kind of thick sometimes. What I propose is entering the title where it belongs, Savage Dragon #148 comes to mind, so it would go in the Savage Dragon title but instead of using #148, the issue number would be FCBD 2009. A really tough one for me to find was Free Comic Book Day: Ali
  12. Thank you! It seems odd that the default isn't to show all columns available but as long as it's actually there, I guess it doesn't matter.
  13. I know it came up in the beta discussions but have we revisited the idea of selecting an item by simply clicking on any field on that item rather than having to go to the far left? It seems like such a small thing, but it is really making me nuts. I get in a rhythm and panic when I look up and see one book shown in the top area while I'm working on another. Maybe it's something that could be an option?
  14. I'm sorry if I've missed this discussion, but are there no art credits on magazines under the Magazine category? Some of these have some great covers by regular artists that aren't seen anywhere else, particularly the on the fanzines. I've bounced between Magazines and Comics repeatedly and shut down and restarted but there is nothing listed under magazines to the right of "writer." I would think editor would be an important field in magazines as well.
  15. I've noticed the same problem. I'm guessing somewhere between 30 and 50 contributions without an update to my points. It's hard to be sure because I just assumed that they were waiting to be approved.
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