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  1. Just noticed the price on this is different in the old comic listing, the TPB was $61 which is probably right but the listing in books only shows cover.
  2. Sorry, I’m more than a little out of sorts. Headache is back, not as intense but just as steady as the last one. Thankfully, it looks like this has been pulled together. I have the original prose book and had no idea that there was a MMPB until I had to move mine into that title. Big thanks to everyone that helped clear this up!
  3. I got the pic to upload, I had misnamed it..... đŸ™„
  4. Hellboy: The Lost Army (Novel) had its information lost in translation. It had been correct for more than 20 years but now has a more recent version's cover displayed with an incorrect price. The original cover is below and I submitted information on the original(?) version's information that I assume should be the TPB. I'm unsure because all the information on both versions is identical now, including the pic. I tried to submit what I believe to be the correct pic but for whatever reason, it doesn't appear to get accepted.
  5. As mentioned before, I like to add my own pics on some special issues so that I have easy access in one place to all my books. These are generally blank covers with sketches on them. Additionally, I much prefer to enter FCBD issues as such in their respective titles using the year as the issue/item number. While convenient and easy on one hand, it creates a very lengthy "Unrecognized Items" report on the other. Could a field or check box be created where items would be skipped during the updates so that they are left in place and don't show up in the "Unrecognized Items" list? They already don't get price updates which is more than okay with me as I don't plan to sell the high end items and the low end items rarely change enough to warrant a second glance.
  6. I like this too. I've manually done searches like this in the past and wished for something similar.
  7. Thank you for this. I'm not a computer guy so I get lost in the jargon. I believe what you are suggesting is exactly what I have in mind. That said, it concerns me a bit that I had the same thought because HC has people trained in this and that have actually built all of this. Wouldn't they have already hit on it?
  8. Wow, I never imagined it would go 100, 200, 100,000! Thanks for the info!
  9. Just curious, does anyone have the badges in their profile between "200 correction points" and "Making the Charts"? From where I sit, it looks like they should likely be related to correction points and I should probably have made at least one of them in between by now. I'm not trying to spoil the mystery, so if you prefer you can PM me.
  10. No dice. What is the difference in the Collection Report- Comic Books and Collection Report - Comic Books (Auto)? I would have assumed that they are the same thing.
  11. On Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, there is a Bk 1-HC. I feel confident that a hardcover doesn't exist with that cover or UPC. I have a softcover with the same cover but a different UPC but the UPC listed in CB appears on the inside front cover inside a box that reads "DIRECT EDITION". The price for my softcover matches the one listed in CB as a hardcover. mycomicshop.com Mile High have the same pic as a tpb from 2005 and both list it as a tpb. Same title has a SE 1 which has a price in British pounds on the cover. Should that be there?
  12. I had a similar message come up under different circumstances although I don't recall what they were. This thread fixed it for me:
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