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  1. Still no changes on these. The #3 that is currently pictured in CB is actually #1 of Comics: The Golden Age: The History of DC Comics. The pic above is the correct pic for #3 of Comics: The Golden Age.
  2. #5 and #6 have signed retailer incentives but again, there is no indication (beyond what I assume was the initial solicitation) that these exist. I'm afraid FMP overestimated the memory of collectors and with no huge push of reprints of the first series, only Mr. Miller's die hard fans really took interest. It's a shame, the first series was mind blowing and this was a solid follow up for the first 2 books, can't say on the rest as it has been so slow to see print that even I lost interest.
  3. They are there now, mostly. My regular database is there as well as the test database but like before, I can't get to the second db on the dropdown. I click it and looks like it will work then it jumps back to the other one without the ability access the reports.
  4. Just saved had Sidekick perform all his duties then saved my reports again. The databases do not show up in either the site or the mobile app.
  5. Now that I know to look for the slash, it's easy to see. I don't know that I would have picked up on it otherwise!
  6. I went back and deleted the first database, the one that I couldn't escape. It took both databases from both the site and the mobile app. I'll give it another go tomorrow.
  7. I'm back on this again. Online, both databases are in the drop down but even when I select the second one, it goes back to the first. On the mobile app, both are available and I can select the second but neither has any reports available. Prior to uploading today, I deleted all of my old reports which standard for me. I've waited three hours for my latest uploads to show up but there's nothing there. It may be a matter of time again.
  8. I'm sure #86 is a typo but yes, all of the indicia indicate "Mouse Guard: The Black Axe." Sorry for the delay, I don't have the free time that I would like.
  9. "Stuff of Legend, The: A Call to Arms" in CB is missing the "A" before the word "call" in the title.
  10. "Mouse Guard: The Black Axe" is currently listed in CB as "Mouse Guard: Black Axe," omitting the "The" in the title.
  11. #3 in CB indicates that there is a 1:25 retail incentive cover as well as a 1:50 signed retail incentive cover but I can't find evidence of these. #3 does have a Frank Miller cover and on the first two issues, his covers were retailer incentives but I'm guessing that the abysmal sales had them change the plan for the remaining books in the series. I suggest that #3-A be the Frank Miller cover with no incentive notation and the #3-B be removed. #4 is closer with the Miller cover (#4-B) not being listed as an incentive. #4-C is supposed to be a signed incentive but again, no indication that it might actually exist as such.
  12. The Title "Comics: The Golden Age" published by Hal Schuster has incorrect dates in the title information. It is listed as "1985, 1987, 1989" but actually ran from March 1984 thru March 1985. #1 had $9.95 listed as the cover price but the pic shows "Six Dollars" on the cover. I am unable to find evidence of second or third printings of #1 and it seems unlikely that this title would have had any kind of demand warranting multiple printings. Additionally, #3 has the wrong picture associated with it. The correct pic is below. I tried to submit it but I am guessing it is smaller than the current pic.
  13. Turns out that there are at least three versions of this one. There may be more depending upon whether the "foil" versions are actually foil or just extremely glossy. The one with the oversized classic Detective Comics logo UPC 76194137788900131 The one with the more modern small logo in the upper left corner UPC 76194137788900141 And a third "virgin" cover UPC 76194137788900151
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