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  1. Thanks Steven for the assist yes when I hit the trigger it lights up. iwill send a note to support thanks, Sean
  2. I just picked up this scanner from you guys and plugged it in. I opened Comicbase and began scanning barcodes. Unfortunately the numbers from the barcodes are not showing up. Here are the steps I have tried so far 1) made sure I was in the find comic by barcode field. 2) opened notepad and scanned a few books. same thing. no numbers. 3) I wend through the easy setup and scanned all the codes. retried scanning books same result. beep no numbers 4) went through the advanced setup retried scanning a book beep no numbers 5) closed and re-opened Comicbase. same result. 6) rebooted computer and plugged scanner into different USB port. Beep no response. At this point I am out of options. Please oh wise and powerful comicbase gurus point me in the right direction. Thanks Sean B.
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