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  1. Where do I set the minimum quantity Mark?
  2. Yes, this sounds like what I want, but every time I tried it only showed me issues for whatever title it was previously queued on.
  3. After giving your suggestions a try they don't do exactly what I was hoping. I basically want the grid view for everything I own instead of just a certain title.
  4. Maybe I'm missing something completely obvious (if so, I'm sorry for asking) but can I make the program show me just the items I have in my collection? I do not want to print it, I just want to be able to make changes without having to look issue by issue. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Good evening, Got the program for Christmas. Set up my scanner, seem to be getting a handle on things however what confuses me is setting the program to hold 2 issues of every book when selling on Atomic Avenue. I know the support area of the website claims you just do a Mass Change to the quantity reserved but either the instructions are out of date or something. I don't have that anywhere under my options. Thanks, Jeff
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