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  1. Talked with Pete, he had me go to File/File Tools/Manage Pictures and Movies and reset and remove all of the cover photos. I then downloaded all covers for Uncle Scrooge (IDW) and they all downloaded fine. I then attempted to download the newest update and all went perfectly, no issues loading the new covers. Update ran and completed as usual. Thanks Pete.
  2. Terminated ComicBase, restarted and tried to download manually the above 3 covers, still receiving the same error.
  3. The first 3 covers that I received an error on...Adventures of Mom and Sons, The\Ash 1-A, then Algorithmic Reality\1 and finally Alice Ever After\Bk 1...
  4. Hi Mark, It's actually the first cover in the download, after the error I click OK and then it's the next cover with the error and so on, the only way to end ComicBase is to use task manager as it tries to download every cover during the download. Thanks.
  5. I just tried to use Sidekick to update my database content. It was working fine adding issues, updating issues, removing obsolete issues, etc. But when trying to download the cover pictures I received the same error....."Had trouble downloading the picture......."
  6. I'm also having the exact same issue tonight trying to update my database. Running Archive Edition on a Windows 11 machine. I downloaded the revised CB 2023 program installer per Mark, but still the issue persists. I had to go to task manager to end ComicBase. I'll be calling Pete in the AM.
  7. Thanks for the followup... I may have to do Option 1, I was curious how option 2 would work with multiple copies. I have over 42,000 comics but only slightly more than 30,000 unique issues. I'll give it a try this weekend, on a COPY of my database. Thanks again.
  8. Steven, I followed your steps... Run a Mass Change. Change: Cost To: Cover Price Apply to ALL Titles You will get a warning that this change can not be undone. Did I mention you should only do this to a Copy of your database? After the change (done on the copy, correct...?) Run a Collection Report. The last page will get you the Total Cost (which is identical to Cover Price at this point). After running the Collection Report, the Cost amount total was the exact same on my Copy database as the Cost amount total on my original database, exactly the same. Weird, so I manually checked and sure enough, on my Copy database all of the Cost and Cover prices matched, so that was fine. So I then ran Collection Statistics under File on my Copy database and there the Cost amount total changed and is now showing the actual Cover price total. Perfect! Your steps worked perfectly and I obtained the information I was looking for. Not sure why the Collection Report and the Collection Statistics are not identical though. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you Steven, I will try the 2nd destructive choice, on a COPY of my database! Yes, a COPY. Thanks again.
  10. I've tried a couple of searches but cannot figure out how to locate the "cover price" total of my collection. Basically, how much would I have paid if I paid cover price for all of my 42,000 plus comics. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Thanks Brian for your feedback, I appreciate it.
  12. New instructions worked for me as well. Thank you.
  13. Thank you Steven for your detailed reply, much appreciated. Unfortunately, I use the Marked box for much of my collection. I think I'll create another database just for my CGC book collection and use your steps to achieve my desired report. Thanks again.
  14. I am using 4 custom fields, custom field 1 is Box#, custom field boxes 2-4 are labeled 9.4, 9.6 and 9.8 and filled with the CGC FMV for each book listed. Many different titles are in my "CGC" box. So I'm just trying to print out a report with the following: Title, Item #, Qty, Cover, Cost, and my custom fields, Box#, 9.4, 9.6 and 9.8. I select find, item field, Box, and box is CGC, select find and up comes my CGC box. I highlight everything and select quick report, but only Title, #, Cd, Qty, Price and Notes show up in the quick report. I'm not sure how to proceed. Windows 10 Pro using ComicBase 2022 Archive Edition, v22.0.1.1613 Thanks for any help.
  15. Looking to upgrade my monitors to 4k. I was wondering what 4K monitors my fellow members of ComicBase use. Brand and model number would be great. Interested in upgrading to ComicBase 4K Archive Edition. Thanks!
  16. Thanks for your detailed information. I reached out to Pete and he informed me that he uses the Dymo LabelWriter with the Dymo Address Labels as you mentioned as well. I'm behind on the LiveStreams but hoping to catch up as they are very informative. Will be checking out Label City and the Dymo LabelWriter, thanks again.
  17. I just ordered a barcode scanner and I now need to buy a printer and labels. For those of you that use labels, what brand/model number (printer) and size labels do you recommend/use. I searched the threads, but did not find my answer. I somehow have over 41,000 books on ComicBase, but if I can't locate them. I don't really have them. So yes, I need to get busy! Thanks for any information.
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