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  1. As Steven suggested I tried again and am no longer getting the error and pictures are not getting deleted or corrupted. Thanks,
  2. Weird issue I just started having. When I click on a line in the grid of a title that has a thumbnail I get an error about downloading the picture. When I click ok I get this message After clicking a few different lines in a couple of different titles I opened the picture folder and all the pictures that I had click on the picture file showed as 0 bytes and could not be opened. After a little more testing I figured out that I could open the pictures in another program but as soon as I click on the line in Comicbase the file for the picture would go to 0 bytes and I would no longer be able to open it. Gambit(5th Series) Things I have tried: 1. Restarted the program 2. Restarted the computer 3. Check to make sure Windows was not blocking 4. Check and updated to the latest version ( 5. Clicked on full grid and downloaded all the covers(It downloaded 2 of the covers, but they went back to 0bytes when I clicked on the line. 2nd time trying to download all the covers it gave me the same download error) 6. Last thing i tried was deleting all the files in the folder and redownloading them all. Out of about 40 covers it should have downloaded it created 3 files that had 0 bytes and got stuck at 90% of Checking for covers.
  3. Thanks for the quick fix. This has been driving me crazy.
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