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  1. I since then created a new account to see if it was the accounts and it looks like something on the computers as previously specified by tech support. However, I have no idea what it could possibly be. I did also try all of your steps again and none worked. I will be emailing support and I will post what the result is as this is really crazy.
  2. I have done all of that at least 1 time. I have now done all of this on all 3 computers. I now have tried this on a 4th computer that someone else owns who lives in a different state who just downloaded the software for the first time and none of these changes worked. When I told tech support that I did these things they said: "We have many other people using the free version with no problems. I guarantee if you buy a new computer with windows 10 on it then it will work. It has something to do with your local settings. Because you have the free version that is all I can help you with."
  3. I am currently using the free version of Comicbase. I have been for a while and have not changed any settings on my computer and all of a sudden now comicbase will not upload any comics to the Atomic Ave. I have installed comicbase now on 3 different laptops all running windows 10 and one of them has a new version of windows 10 on it. Each one gives me the same result. I put in the credentials, I hit update (using 2021 version), I then hit post and when I do it asks for my login details again. When I hit login the software just does nothing else. I decided to try to use an older version of com
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